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There's a lot more in our popcorn because it has less... No Butter! No Preservatives! No Artificial Flavors! No MSG! but High in Fiber!
596,475 THB (Thailand)
The Holy Kettle Corn phenomenon began on May 17, 2004 when owners Derrick and Aris discussed popcorn. Derrick had stumbled upon this age-old flavor in a San Francisco flea market, and knowing that the Philippine market was being flooded with artificially flavored and adulterated snack foods, it needed an alternative source of natural consumer products. On that same day, the Blue Kettle project was born.

On July 16, Holy Kettle Corn started popping.

The duo then set up the business, designed concepts, picked colors, hired people and tweaked flavors. Aris came up with the brand name “Holy Kettle Corn!”

Branches across the Philippines come in different forms and sizes. There are cart types, counter stalls and free standing kiosks, built to conform to the landlords’ specifications. Major equipment are a kettle machine and a sifter made from food grade stainless steel.

Did we make a mistake when we left out the artificial flavorings and the preservatives and the cholesterol and the MSG? Did we make a mistake offering a product that is high in fiber? Did we make a mistake when we added sugar and salt to make our popcorn slightly sweet and slightly salty? If you say yes then this popcorn is not for you.

If we got the best writer in the world and commissioned him to describe Holy Kettle Corn! chances are the reader will still have a difficult time trying to comprehend the flavor. People say you can either be good or bad, black or white, awake or asleep but never both. So how can Holy Kettle Corn be sweet and salty at the same time? Well, we don't want to say this but you have to try it to believe that two worlds can be squeezed in our paper bags.

Our corn is grown in Nebraska and boasts of the highest popping ratio (sorry for tech speak). It pops round unlike the commonly seen butterfly types . We use corn oil, premium sugar and iodized salt. All natural ingredients.
Franchise fee : P596,475
Blue Kettle Corporation 364 Apo Street, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Mobile(632) 5348293 , (632) 5346781
Information as 2 December 2018 
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