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700,000 THB (Thailand)
700,000 - 1,000,000 Thailand (THB)
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Filbake Food Corporation is the principal producer of the Bread and Butter bakery products, now distributed in different Bread and Butter Bakeshop in the island of Panay, Philippines.Bread and Butter started in 1986 as a small bakery in Kalibo, Aklan and eventually grown to become one of the major bakery company in Panay Island, the Philippines. The company produces a variety of bread, cookies, cakes and artisan bread for the domestic market. In the year 2001, Bread and Butter has started developing a franchise program to meet the growing number of consumers.

Bread & Butter Bakeshop offers two full store packages to prospective business partners: a small-store package for a store area of less than 70 square meters, and a big-store package for a store area of more than 70 sq.m. 
An initial investment of P700,000 to P1 million is required to cover the equipment and set-up cost , the training of bakeshop personnel, and the initial operating costs. The payback period for the initial investment in the store is 18 to 24 months on the average.
ContactFilbake Food Corporation
50 Osmena Avenue, Kalibo, Aklan
Fax.(036) 268-5721
Information as 1 Febuary 2019 
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