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Chatime provides stylish and health-conscious customers with various selections of freshly brewed tea infused with different natural flavors. Through implementing the idea of “High Tech Tea Making” procedure, we use simple operation steps to ensure high-quality drinks for every customer.

In order to make Chatime a global brand, Chatime modernizes the traditional tea culture by producing high-tech tea machines to make consistent-quality fresh teas. Given the different temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure around the world, Chatime formulizes the tea making standard procedures in “precise timing”, “precise quality” and “precise temperature” to guarantee the best quality drinks with consistency for customers worldwide.
Franchise Details

Franchise Model : Individual
Criteria : 
  • Adequate Capitalization
  • Store space requirement approx. 40-60sqm (or with assistance from Headquarter)
Headquarter Support : 
  • Equipment / Facilities
  • Training Program
  • Marketing Support
  • Uniforms, Store Layout included
  • Rental fees
  • operational funds
  • wages expenses
  • utilities and misc
  • expenses excluded.
Staff Minimum : 4 – 8 staff depending on the operational needs
Training Program : 15 days
Operational Instruction : 6 days
Management Strategy : 2 days
In-Store Operational Training : 6 days
Assessment : 1 day
Franchise Term 3 years
Taiwan Franchise Hotline : +886-975-896-771
International Franchise Hotline : +886-988-050-818
107 Bldg A Megamall EDSA Julia Vargas Brgy Wack Wack, Mandaluyong city
Mobile654-3531 , (514) 431 – 8388
Information as 2 December 2018 
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2. chonsipachxxx 09199xxx ch_toxxx
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