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Krisbow provides Franchise / Waralaba in Indonesia in Tools Industry (Perkakas dan Peralatan Teknik).
500,000,000 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)

Krisbow provides Franchise / Waralaba in Indonesia in Tools Industry (Perkakas dan Peralatan Teknik).
The history of Kawan Lama can be dated back to 1955, when Mr. Wong Jin (the late) started a small technical tool store in Glodok downtown area in Jakarta. With only 3 staffs, he built a business with entrepreneurial spirit based on customer satisfaction.
This business grew rapidly and became a company with professional management that named PT Kawan Lama Sejahtera, and succeed to make innovation and momentous developments. The result, in 1996 Kawan Lama successfully achieved ISO 9002 certificate, as an appreciation to its performance in providing the best service and product range to the customers.
With Krisbow launching, along with well-equipped and luxurious show room during the economical crisis in 1997-1998, it shown stronger image and reputation to Kawan Lama?s customers that we are dedicating and customers? satisfaction oriented.
Now, more than 50 years , Kawan Lama had brought itself to become a world class company that aims to provide great value to the customer as company vision : WORLD CLASS 2010.
More over 50 years, Kawan Lama has been a Leading Supply Company in the business of importing, stocking, and distributing industrial and commercial products. With worldwide sourcing for over 60,000 products, our main objective is to be our customers best partner and provide them an one stop shopping for their multitude needs of tools, machinery, and industrial equipment. Since 1995, Kawan Lama has been established Consumer Products Division to fulfill the demands of High Quality Brands for Consumer Market.
Kawan Lama is pleased to be able to make intensive communication with customers and business partners through the Internet. We truly believe this new communication medium would bring our business into a new level. This show Kawan Lama’s commitment in exploring new business opportunities in this dynamic changing world.

ContactKrisbow Waralaba
Jl. Puri Kencana no. 1, Meruya-Kembangan, Jakarta 11610 Indonesia.
Mobile(62-21) 582 82 82
Fax.(62-21) 582 00 88
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