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Shafira is the most outstanding in Providing Moslem Fashion in Indonesia. Shafira provides Franchise / Waralaba in Moslem Fashion Industry.

Type of business
Clothes Shop | Quiz online
Was foundedA.D. 1989 (28 Years)

Shafira is the most outstanding in providing Moslem Fashion in Indonesia. Shafira provides Franchise / Waralaba in Moslem Fashion Industry.
The name Shafira was inspired from the word “shaf” that means row in praying. Shaf means strong, tight, orderly and neat line as a character in struggling. Shafira is meant to be one of tool of religious devotion in economy.
The name Shafira was also inspired from a name of sparkling stone, sapphire. A women moslem is identified as a beautiful and priceless sapphire . In moslem outfit, a women will have elegance personality. Outfit can be a media to bring out the personality.
Beginning in a gallery Muslim taking possession of building KKMB in Jl. Ir. H. Djuanda #52, Bandung, Shafira Blazed the way by Feny Mustafa . In January 8th 1989, Shafira was legalized to be Shafira Laras Persada, Ltd.Co.
Under this name, shafira keeps straight up by improving management and production system, continuing marketing and developing professional and islamic human resources. To make strong and wide market network, Shafira now has branches in many big cities in Indonesia.
To open a franchise with Shafira, you can contact the e-mail above or ask through the phone. You can ask about the detail of investment, the return of investment, the franchise requirement, etc.

& Services
CountryIndonesia  Indonesia | Asia
RegionalASEAN Economic Community (AEC)
Franchise Fee500,000,000 Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
Business type
of investor
& Support
ContactAroem Ekantono
AddressJl. Buah Batu #165B Bandung 40264 – Indonesia
Tel.+62 22 7316301
Fax.+62 22 7314476
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