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M Photo Studio
M Photo Studio Provides Franchise / Waralaba in Indonesia in Photo Studio Industry. They have good services at photo studio and they already have many outlets in Indonesia. You can join them and open the Studio.
250,000,000 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)
A photo studio is both a work area and a body. As a working area, it is like an artist studio, but has room to take to develop, print and reproduce photographs. Photographic training and the display of photographs can also be finished in a photo studio. It is the work area can have a darkroom, storage space, a proper studio – where photographs are taken, and a display room and space for related work.
ContactM Photo Studio Waralaba
Indolab, Jl Cideng Timur 73-74 Jakarta.
Mobile+6221 3457777
Fax.+6221 3457777
Information as 25 มกราคม 2021 
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