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Nasi Goreng (Nasgor) Borobudur

Nasi Goreng (Nasgor) Borobudur provides franchise / waralaba / business opportunity in Indonesia in Food Industry, especially in Fried Rice products. Fried rice is a food that many known and liked by all circles. Both from the lower, middle and top. Both male and female, rural and urban communities, conglomerates and people living under bridges, both children, adolescents and adults, both from the educated and uneducated.
Type of business
Fried Rice
NameNasi Goreng (Nasgor) Borobudur
Was foundedA.D. 1999 (19 Years)

Fried rice is a familiar enough on the tongue, Inspired from Borobudur Temple which is the cultural richness of Indonesia, Borobudur is an icon of state of Indonesia in the eyes of the international world, which ever become one of the seven wonders of the world.
From there, appear Fried Rice Borobudur. A business that puts the concept of uniqueness and taste of product. Founded with an aspiration of temple of Borobudur. With recipes that have stood the test of the taste, it felt so delicious and product prices affordable to all circles of life. Also, made of quality materials and quality, coupled with the hygienic processing.

& Services

Why Choose Nasgor Borobudur
  • First Unique Fried Rice with Topping
  • Fried rice is a food that has been widely known and liked by all circles
  • Fried Rice Borobudur provides a delicious variety of menus and special
  • Investments are lightweight, efficient, low risk and it is expected that optimal results with an affordable initial capital
  • Return of capital is fast and logical 6-7 months
  • Very easy operation and reliability
  • It has been tested recipes and pleasure
  • Design a unique and interesting outlets
  • The existence of good and standardized management
CountryIndonesia  Indonesia | Asia
RegionalASEAN Economic Community (AEC)
Franchise Fee35,000,000 Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
Business type

Investment Packages
Investment packages only Rp. 35 million (Free Royalty and Franchise Fee) to use the name for 5 years. And also get special deals for master franchise (outlet purchases min 4) Only for Rp 140 million. Cash back bonus 10 Million. 1 City Only 1 Master Franchise.

on investment

Profit Estimation
  • Initial Investment : Rp. 35 Million
  • Gross Profit / month : Rp. 15 Million
  • Expenses / month : Rp. 10.525.000
  • Net Profit / month : Rp. 4.475.000
  • BEP in 7-8 months
of investor
& Support

You Will Get
  • Outdoor Wagon & neon box
  • Outdoor Tents
  • Counter Supplies
  • Sales Equipment
  • Promotion Kit
  • Early Raw materials for 300 servings
  • SOP and Monitoring
  • Training franchisees and employees
ContactKaizen Sukses Group
AddressJl. Raya Candi II Malang No.210
Tel.+62 0341585743, 085755574549
Fax.+62 21 – 460 1386
Information as  15 September 2014 
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