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I Can Read
I CAN READ provides franchise / waralaba in Indonesia, enables the student to seehow letters combine to create invariant sounds, empowers the student to take control of his or her own reading progress and is fun and easy for children and adults.
500,000,000 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)
The I CAN READ® system, incorporating the reading programme, has been developed over several years by educational psychologists and came about through research conducted between 1995 and 2000 by Antony Earnshaw and Annabel Seargeant. It is structured, cumulative and hierarchical, and is the first system in the world to direct students how to link clusters of letters to single sounds in a unique manner.The I CAN READ reading program enables the student to see how letters combine to create invariant sounds, empowers the student to take control of his or her own reading progress and is fun and easy for children and adults. I CAN READ created the approach to reading which teaches students to analyse single sounds (phonemes) and more importantly theorised the neural linkages between the left inferior frontal gyrus and the left parieo-temporal area which subsequent research has shown enables beginning readers to phonologically link sounds and letter(s) and to assemble the sequence of sound-letter correspondences. Recent evidence using functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) supports the I CAN READ approach. I CAN READ teaches three essential skills that the beginning reader needs to learn to read:
  • Phonemic awareness
  • Phonics
  • Blending sequences of phono-graphemes
Cumulative The I CAN READ reading programme overcomes the difficulties that beginning readers face when they learn to read and have to combine letters into blended sounds. The I CAN READ system overcomes the problem of knowing how to pronounce a grapheme when so many letters and clusters of letters can be associated with more than one sound. Commencing with simple, invariant graphemes, the student progresses to learn more difficult graphemes, building upon his or her successes on the way.

Reading programs and other literacy programs

I CAN READ centres offer a range of unique reading programs, writing programs and other literacy programs designed to establish literacy skills from the early age of about 2.5 years onwards. Classes are kept small, between 5 to 8 children per class, although adult classes may be larger. All students are evaluated regularly and are promoted according to ability as soon as they acquire the required skills to support their advancement. Post-reading programmes are closely aligned with the primary school syllabus in each country or, at adult level, with the specialisation the student wishes to follow. All reading programmes, literacy programmes and language programmes are developed and supported by Australian registered psychologists* and the creators of the I Can Read System.

LITTLE BEARS CLUB Focusing on early literacy skills, the Little Bears Club is a delightful intensive programme for very young children from 2.5 years and follows the “From language to literacy” concept developed by Total Literacy and the I Can Read System. These early interactive literacy lessons are designed for very young children to encourage and develop their oral communication skills through a wide variety of child-centered activities that stimulate the child’s perception of the world and develop language. Age range 2.5 years to 4 years.

THINKING AND CREATIVE SKILLS Designed to stimulate the imagination and develop problem-solving skills using language, this program encourages cognitive growth through oral presentation, dramatic play, introduction to phonology (an early literacy prerequisite for learning to read) and appreciation of story. Age range 3.5 years to 4.5 years.

I CAN READ PRELIMINARY Designed to develop both expressive and receptive vocabulary as well as essential pre-reading skills necessary before learning to read. Establishes the child’s phonological abilities, letter formation and the use of phonics in decoding. I Can Read Preliminary precedes the reading programme and is suitable for any age, depending upon ability.

I CAN READ This programme is a multi-sensory structured approach to reading, which uses a unique method to enable students to learn to read quickly and easily. The reading programme includes spelling, oral comprehension and vocabulary. Volume 6 introduces basic grammar, written comprehension, advanced spelling and creative writing. Any age, depending upon ability. 

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