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No contractors license or construction experience required! You are about to learn of the unlimited potential available to an Redeck-It dealer and the income a dealer can make in residential and commercial property. With billions of square feet of bad concrete in the US and the limited options for property owners, management companies and commercial property owners, decorative overlay is a simple, quick and inexpensive way to change bad concrete into a beautiful designed look that will increase property value!

7,000 USD (U.S. Dollar)
He has established a solid foundation with concrete certainty. P. Michael Fennessy is truly a pioneer in the world of decorative concrete paving and resurfacing. His innovation, hard work and extensive experience place him on a completely different plateau in his profession.

Fennessy has made his mark not only in the United States, but on a global scale as well. He has registered trademarks in nearly 50 countries and U.S. patents for equipment that has transformed the world of decorative concrete paving. He has also developed several systems for concrete resurfacing that have revolutionized the industry. Fennessy has devoted his life to keeping his pulse on the needs of his customers. One of his major goals is to develop systems that are user friendly and easy to install.

Even those without “do-it-yourself” experience can tackle it. All customers need to do is mix and place. A true professional, Fennessy eliminates all risk factors to customers by blending high-strength cement, aggregates, proprietary fillers, polymers, and color into every pail produced. Fennesy’s journey began in the late-1970s when he first became initiated into the art of developing state-of-the-art decorative resurfacing systems in South Florida. He hasn’t stopped since. He has been innovating and gaining valuable experience for over four decades from his headquarters in Upstate New York.

Decorative concrete restoration (DCR) is the process of taking existing concrete that is stained, cracked and damaged and making it look beautiful while at the same time strengthening the concrete itself. The appeal of DCR is that you avoid the removal of old concrete and the pouring of new concrete but most importantly, the finished concrete is a work of art.

Minimum cash required:$7,000.
Total investment range:$7,000 - $20,000.
Here is what we provide:Redeck-It
  • Exclusive territory from 250k to 1 million plus population.
  • Onsite training - we come to your territory for personal training.
  • Materials, products, equipment are included - enough material with initial cost to recoup entire investment.
  • Marketing tools, DVDs, brochures and samples for you to do in-home presentations.
  • 10,000 6 panel color brochures mailed to the zip code of your choice. These mailers should bring $50k to $125k in revenue.
  • The average time it takes our dealers to recoup their investment is 45-60 days.
How do I get jobs?

We send out 10,000 mailers initially to get you 20 to 50 jobs!

So you are thinking about buying a business and, let's be honest, you are probably looking at a lot of opportunities all promising to "get you jobs" and "market for you." Well, here is a secret some of them don't want to admit. The greatest product in the world and the greatest marketing "system" in the world aren't going to get you enough jobs to be successful in any business. It really comes down to you and we are not afraid to say it.

325 Commerce Blvd. Liverpool, New York 13088
Mobile+1 800-451-9037
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