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Welcome to the franchise system of FACILITAS Healthcare - one of the world's leading companies in the soft laser smoking cessation sector. With more than 50 store locations in over 20 countries, FACILITAS has already achieved an international presence. In order to further develop our franchise network, we are constantly searching for qualified franchise partners across the globe who recognize the potential our concept offers.
16,500 USD (U.S. Dollar)
Welcome to Facilitas, one of the leading businesses in the area of soft laser therapy to stop smoking. At this time, we would like to give you some insight into our business, which has rapidly gained prominence beyond Germany thanks to its effective method. The first Facilitas location opened in 2007 in Oberhausen. Due to the innovative and new combination of acupuncture and laser technology “made in Germany,” we attracted much media attention shortly after opening; numerous TV reports, interviews, and press reports followed. Because of this large attention and the assossiated success, we were able to expand in 2008 within Germany, opening several Facilitas locations in Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, and Leipzig.

he FACILITAS laser therapy is based on acupuncture principles. Through the stimulation of certain meridian points on the human ear, natural chemicals called endorphins are released which eliminate the cravings and the smoking withdrawal symptoms. Combined with professional pre- and post-consultation, the vast majority of our clients quit smoking successfully and start a healthy life.

You have discovered us on your search for an innovative and especially future-oriented business concept. The market for strategies to stop smoking has been steadily growing for years and Facilitas has been able to establish itself on this market worldwide through the effective soft laser procedure, successful marketing, and international media interest. Thus, the Facilitas franchise network now encompasses more than 50 locations in over 20 countries and we are proud to say that people on four continents have already successfully stopped smoking with Facilitas.

Centroallee 263a, 46047 Oberhausen, Germany
Mobile+49 208 30980313
Information as 30 กรกฎาคม 2020 
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