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Massage Green Spa
Massage Green Spa has been catapulted into one of the fastest-growing national franchise businesses in America and we believe that, although our affordable luxury concept was created by us, investors like YOU are the reason for sustainability!
45,000 THB (Thailand)
The first Massage Green spa was opened in Dearborn, Michigan in 2008. The following 5 years there were a further 500 spas in development. It is estimated that by 2015 there will be over 1,000 Massage Green Spa locations in development nationwide.

Massage Green Spas are designed and built mostly out of environmentally friendly materials. Massage Green services include therapeutic massages such as Swedish, deep tissue, sports reflexology, trigger point, cranial sacral, reiki, and prenatal plus hot stone and aromatherapy and express massages.

Franchise fee:$45,000.

Minimum cash required:$70,000.

Total investment range:$92,500 - $172,000.

Net worth required:$125,000.
The benefits for youMassage Green Spa_2
Massage Green Spa combines multiple streams of income under one business roof. We offer member, non-member, out-of-town, holiday and introductory rates for every level of consumer. The best part about our affordability model is that our membership services are essentially pay-as-you-go. There are no membership terms, fees or cancellation costs, helping to streamline your operation, attract a diverse range of customers and make it easy for them to use your services.

Additionally, we deliver the highest quality services to our customers by hiring the most qualified and well-rounded therapists who can Massage Green Spa_5support our corporate and franchise vision.

Our commitment to the environment
Massage Green Spa operates on a very simple principle - to create “Healthy Buildings, Healthy Bodies.” We believe that in order for our valued customers to experience the full healing power of a therapeutic massage or facial session, they need to be in an environment that cultivates cleanliness and reduces stress. This is why all of our national clinics are constructed primarily from eco-friendly building materials.

Massage Green Spa_1Our commitment extends to our lines of service, where we only use hypoallergenic lotions, oils and facial products that are chemical and preservative free. All of our table linens and towels are eco-washed to ensure that harsh chlorines and other water chemicals have dissipated or been eliminated. Purity is paramount in our clinics and as a result our services allow our clientele to detoxify and leave our spas feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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Information as 7 June 2019 
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