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The MaidPro house cleaning franchise offers you the excellent benefits of rapid growth, low start-up costs, manageable hours and recurring revenue
30,000 USD (U.S. Dollar)
It all started in Boston when MaidPro founder, Mark Kushinsky, called a maid service to clean his home. Shocked by how high prices were, but wanting to regain valuable free time, Mark arrived home the day of the cleaning eager to see the results. The results were less than impressive.

After scheduling a cleaning with another, even more expensive company, Mark came home once again disappointed. And this time, they not only did a poor job of cleaning, they left his cat, Foof, locked in a bathroom without a litter box! Mark shared his experiences with close friend Richard Sparacio. That’s when they decided to come up with a solution for this problem, and MaidPro was born.

Since starting off in a 200-square-foot office in Boston’s historic Beacon Hill in 1991, MaidPro has quickly grown to more than 150 locations across the U.S. and Canada. Mark and Richard are proud to serve the thousands of loyal customers who have come to trust MaidPro to clean their homes, while making sure cats can always get to their litter boxes.

We want to clean up North America. We have a vision of bathrooms and kitchens sparkling, beds made, furniture polished, freshly vacuumed carpets and hardwood floors so shiny you can see your smiling face. We believe that your home deserves a personalized clean — beyond your expectations — by quality, trained professionals who clean your home the way you want.

So join us in our quest, and let your cleaning PRO take the dirt off your hands and out of your home.

Minimum cash required:$30,000.

Total investment range:$30,000 - $114,509.
A reasonable price to be your own boss
MaidPro Franchise Opportunity_4One of the lowest costing businesses you can open today is a home cleaning business. Since you are not selling or creating a product, you will not have to spend tens of thousands of dollars in inventory or refurbish or remodel a store or restaurant. Your expenses are lowered as you hire only the employees you need. You will also have a lot of opportunities at your fingertips to nurture your business with the help of the MaidPro home office. We have original software, unmatched customer service, a marketing team that is making MaidPro a household name and a call center in place to help you sell and win more business.

Additional benefits include:
Cutting-edge software.MaidPro Franchise Opportunity_2
Real-time access to your company data.
Mentoring program and unique support systems such as an outplacement program and Intranet site.
Creative marketing.
Winning vendor relationships.
Exceptional cleaning systems and an obsession with the quality of the cleaning experience.
Recognizable website that reinforces the MaidPro brand and serves as a great “first point of contact” to potential customers.
Resourceful, open, flexible and “customer-centric” call center that caters to the business owner.
Business model that is easily scalable for multiple offices and several million dollar annual sales.
Partnership with Procter & Gamble.
Ready for a business opportunity that will give you complete control over your financial future?

Steady business and income
Recurring revenue is the hallmark of the cleaning industry. Most customers schedule weekly or bi-weekly cleanings that become your bread and butter, which becomes the core of your business and provides a steady flow of income. This allows you to branch out and develop new customer relations or focus on improving existing ones.

Information as 2 December 2018 
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