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Molly Manners
Would you like to run a fun business that involves teaching children the social skills that will ease their way through life and help them become confident, considerate adults? If so, the Molly Manners opportunity may be your route to successful business ownership, doing something you enjoy for an excellent financial return. This is a low-cost enterprise that you can run from home, keeping your overhead and expenses to a minimum. We will teach you everything you need to know to succeed.
3,500 USD (U.S. Dollar)
 Molly Manners offers a unique opportunity for enthusiastic, business-minded entrepreneurs to become licensed Molly Manners branch owners as we expand our fun, interactive and effective skills' program for children.

Additionally, you will receive
  • Comprehensive classroom training that includes teaching strategies and lesson plan review.
  • Sales and marketing training - how to win accounts and utilize marketing strategies.
  • Review of successful business operations to enable you to launch your business effectively.Molly Manners 
  • An effective, copyrighted curriculum for teaching children manners, respect and communication skills. Detailed lesson plans ensure a fun, creative and effective class.
  • Promotion on the Molly Manners' website with its easy-to-use class locator and online enrollment.
  • Professional and customizable marketing material templates.
  • Progressive e-marketing and social media campaigns.
  • Ongoing coaching, training and support.
A Molly Manners licensed branch is a home-based business that operates at host locations such as public and private schools, pre-schools, daycare centers, park districts, libraries and community centers. Molly Manners' three programs cater for children ages 3 through 17, teaching everything from kindness to others and playdate etiquette to table manners, the art of conversation, the secrets of poise & confidence, interview skills, phone courtesy, thank-you notes and a whole lot more that make up the fundamentals of good manners, etiquette and social skills.

We are offering a unique opportunity for a select number of enthusiastic, business-minded entrepreneurs to become licensed Molly Manners branch owners as we expand. Our business offers:
  • A flexible, family-friendly lifestyle.
  • A schedule that follows the school year calendar.Molly Manners  
  • An affordable, effective and unique children's enrichment program in an exclusive territory.
  • An interactive, fun and engaging environment in which to work.
  • The opportunity to achieve your personal, professional and financial goals.
  • The chance to be a leader in your community, making a positive, visible impact on the lives of its children.
  • A business of your own!

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Information as 2 December 2018 
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