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Sweet Arleen Cupcakes & Bread Puddings
Dramatic changes in the banking industry in 2008 presented the perfect opportunity for banking industry executive Arleen Scavone to pursue her dream of bakery entrepreneurship. Today, Sweet Arleen’s has achieved media driven national brand recognition and earned unparalleled customer loyalty as a result of its commitment to uncompromising product quality, customer service principles, high visibility, company culture and its fabulous array of cupcakes and bread puddings.
35,000 USD (U.S. Dollar)
For many years, banker Arleen Scavone dreamed of creating a boutique-style bakery, having charmed friends and family with her casual, yet sophisticated baked treats. Today, her dream is a reality in the form of Sweet Arleen's as she shares these delectable favorites with you. Using only the finest, freshest ingredients like seasonal fruits, chocolates and harvest seasonings, there is no skimping in Sweet Arleen's kitchen. Each cupcake and bread pudding is prepared to ensure perfect product, each and every time. Now, the success of Sweet Arleen's reaches beyond its Westlake Village bakery. 3-peat champion of Food Network's Cupcake Wars, and featured on Cooking Channel's Unique Sweets as a bread pudding favorite, Arleen is building local market accessibility bringing sweets to the streets via her tricked out Mobile Cupcake Suite designed by West Coast Customs. And, Sweet Arleen's wedding catering division, Sweet Occasions, is blossoming following its debut on WE's My Fair Wedding. On a national front, Sweet Arleen's is creating a franchise opportunity for the next "banker turned baker" or other inspired candidates using their proven "Sweet Success" model. Sweet Arleen's boutique-comfort style ensures a satisfying treat for every palate. Enjoy!

Sweet Arleen's bakes fresh on-site daily a selection of boutique-style cupcakes and bread puddings, bringing comfort food to a whole new level. Our award-winning cupcakes are perfect for birthday parties, weddings, or even an inspiring treat for your next business meeting. Our wedding cakes and cupcake towers make a dramatic display for your sweet occasion. We also offer bread puddings, paired with individual sauces to create a warm and gooey decadent dessert. These beautiful take-out treats add just the right finishing touch to any special occasion -- or anytime!

Franchise fee:

Minimum cash required:

Total investment range:
$270,600 - $439,000.
ContactSweet Arleen
960 South Westlake Blvd., Suite #4 Westlake Village, California 91361
Mobile+1 805-373-7373
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