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Gourmet Giving
The Gourmet Giving franchise helps any size business support its favorite charity without it costing that business any money. The franchisee sets up a Robotic Barista at the business (called a Host) without any cost or obligation. Once in place, the Robotic Barista produces the finest full 10oz “made from scratch” gourmet coffee beverages available anywhere. These gourmet beverages are then purchased by people frequenting the Host location. These people could be employees, customers, visitors, clients, staff, etc.
9,500 THB (Thailand)
In 1956, a German immigrant came to the United States to start a new life in The Land of Opportunity.

He and his wife worked hard to give their three children a good future. They were determined to secure the type of life that would never have been available in post-war Europe.

This man was so thankful to have been given the opportunity to live in America that he reminded his family, every day, how fortunate they were. He continually showed them how important it was to acknowledge their good fortune by seeking out ways to help those in need, and often involved his children in the giving process. Some people were helped in a significant manner, and others in more simple ways. During this man’s lifetime, his children witnessed a lot of “Giving Back”, which he did in appreciation of the advantages afforded him and his family. Virtually all of this was done anonymously. He wanted people to feel a thankful awareness that they had received some goodness without knowing the giver, and without a lot of fanfare. That was the way he felt about his chance to be in the US and live so well. He knew he was blessed.

I know this story well, as I am the son of that German immigrant. Over the last three years, we have built a business, a plan, and now a franchise opportunity based upon that same type of reasoning. We have found a way to help those in need by involving others who share a common goal.

For those who feel some of the same blessings my father did in 1956, we have developed a method and structure by which people can support their favorite charities and help local families in need.

We believe this is a wonderful opportunity to help lots of people, and we hope you would like to learn more. I would love to hear from you, and answer any questions you might have. 

Horst Grau
Founder, Gourmet Giving

The RBX-1 Robotic Barista™ serves up cup after profitable cup of consistently excellent French-pressed coffee, day in and day out.

The Robotic Barista’s™ custom burr grinder produces freshly ground lattes, cappuccino, espresso, mochaccino, coffee and hot chocolate at the push of a button, and for about half what you’d pay at a name brand gourmet beverage venue.

Our coffee’s taste, quality and value are unparalleled, and our customer service is second to none. The Robotic Barista™ never has a bad day.

The Robotic Barista™ is designed and programmed for dependability and ease of use, and is durable, requiring minimal maintenance.
All investment levels are for complete packages that include everything needed to start your franchise on Day 1 and operate for up to 30 days. The Franchisee does not spend any additional money until after they have already made money from their system. This is a cash business.The selling price of each beverage is at least half of typical retail.This opportunity is low investment, high ROI, and offers complete and ongoing support. There are no royalties. Franchisee must complete proper training. Franchisee must participate within the Gourmet Giving donation guidelines as described in their FDD’s. Coffee beans and special system dry additives must be purchased from Gourmet Giving, LLC to ensure overall quality and keep each franchisee’s fixed costs protected.

We go to the Franchisee! Complete and thorough training is provided. Every page of both the System Operations Manual and the Gourmet Giving Manual is reviewed, completed and signed off on. Training is provided at the Franchisee location when they take delivery of their systems package. The amount of training time offered is from 1 to 4 days, depending on the needs of the Franchisee and the size of the package they purchased. Training includes sales calls to potential Host locations from appointments made by Franchisee.

How It Works

A business or organization agrees to host a Robotic Barista™, which is owned by a Gourmet Giving Franchisee.

The Host needs:
  • The desire to make a difference in their community through charitable donations
  • An electrical outlet
The Host receives:
  • The opportunity to support the charity of their choice, simply by hosting the Robotic Barista™
  • The ability to empower others to make a charitable donation through Discovery Funding™
  • Recognition for charitable contributions to their community
  • The satisfaction of providing their clients and employees with a superior product at a reasonable price
  • The joy of knowing they have made a positive difference in their community
Everything else is provided by the Gourmet Giving Franchisee, who stocks and services the self-contained system as needed. The Franchisee also takes care of making all charitable donations on behalf of the Host, and ensures the Host is recognized for their generosity.

ContactGourmet Giving
368 Crompton St Charlotte, North Carolina 28273
Mobile+1 704-893-0659
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