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Pazzo! Calzone Bakery
Pazzo! Calzone Bakery offers a unique and exciting new fast-casual concept with all-inclusive support and hands-on training in every aspect of owning and operating a Pazzo! Calzone Bakery.
100,000 USD (U.S. Dollar)
Pazzo means “crazy” in Italian but our approach to business is anything but. Pazzo! Calzone Bakery offers a unique, authentically Italian, fast-casual concept supported by a team of experienced food service and franchise professionals dedicated to providing all-inclusive assistance and hands-on training in every aspect of ownership and operation.

Over-stuffed calzones!

Our commitment is to serve the BEST calzone ANYWHERE! No half filled, folded over pizza dough calzones here! Our fabulous, made-to-order calzones are over stuffed and filled to the top with fresh, exciting ingredients and every bite begs the question, "Is owning a Pazzo! Calzone Bakery franchise right for me?" With a fabulous product, simple operation and a seasoned team with over 30 years of combined food service and franchising experience to provide unparalleled support and leadership, Pazzo! Calzone Bakery offers a truly new and exciting restaurant concept.
Premier training & support

Our six-week program is delivered in segments encompassing classroom teaching and in-store training where you will learn the day-to-day operation of your Pazzo! Calzone Bakery unit. In addition, our orientation program will explain in detail how best to utilize the Pazzo! support center in areas such as marketing, business development, IT and vendor supply chain.

We have established relationships with vendors who will guide you to the right products, equipment and small wares. We have also negotiated volume discounts on your behalf and we pass all of those savings on to you.

Ongoing support is provided by your designated Regional Franchise Manager, who is available to help, guide and assist you as you build your Pazzo! Calzone Bakery​ business.
Pazzo! Calzone Bakery™ offers freshly made, over-stuffed calzones and premium salads along with simple Italian side dishes. We don’t take any short cuts here. All of our recipes follow time honored techniques and we promise to serve locally grown, in-season produce when possible and other products, made using sustainable farming methods. Who says quick can't be great!

Artisan sausages, imported Italian cheeses, regional sauce recipes and fine ingredients in the Italian tradition are all brought together for this one, momentous, calzone. Savor the flavor dear friends, as no two are alike!

Our concept is simple. We make a gigantic calzone, over-stuffed with traditional (and not so traditional) ingredients. And talk about flavor! It's as big and bold as the Piazza del Campo. You want to talk about fresh? You'd have to grow it, pick it, cook it and then eat it before you could find anything fresher.

We start with our artisan dough, made every day on premise, and then we let you go Pazzo! Pick your sauce, add a little of this, a bunch of that, choose over 30 ingredients from our selection of vegetables, Italian meats and cheeses, plus a bunch of other free ingredients.

Get your crazy on and join us today!
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1678 Montgomery Hwy Ste 101A Hoover, Alabama 35216
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