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JUMBO KIDS, a state of the art preschool, is part of the Podar Education Complex , which is a dynamic, constantly evolving nucleus, imparting education at various levels. It has been established in 1927 and is being managed by Anandilal & Ganesh Podar Society.

The motto of society is "Excellence in Education" and the trustees make every effort to live up to this ideal. Today it has multifarious activities that cater to the needs of children as well as adults.

2,500,000 INR (Indian Rupee)

Trustees at the inaugration of Podar Jumbo KidsHere your child will get his KIDUCATION. This is a term coined by our director  Ms. Swati Popat to best describe the educational method that we follow here-which is education for the child, based on the developmental needs of the child.

Jumbo Kids has been designed, set up and led by our director, Ms. Swati Popat who has worked with many of the best schools in Mumbai and is also a well known name in the field of pre school education. She has also written some books for children such as Mr. Pencil and friends, published by Tata Infomedia

Our Director is a member of the NAEYC- National Association for the Education of Young children.
Jumbo Kids has evolved a unique system of education, 'KIDUCATION' which means it follows the child's needs according to his developmental stage.

At Jumbo Kids the activities are full of fun and learning. The child is given full freedom to explore the world around him. Teaching and learning is not just restricted to classrooms, the child is exposed to various activities such as atelier time for art and craft, sand play, water play, drama time, eurythmics, role play, cooking, gardening, traffic park, library time, field trips to name a few.

At Jumbo Kids we believe that each child has a unique learning style and we respect this uniqueness. When a child does any activity at Jumbo Kids, you can be sure that it is contributing directly to your child's physical, emotional or intellectual development

At Jumbo Kids we apply a developmentally correct and age appropriate curriculum- based on the international standards set by the N.A.E.Y.C- National Association for education of young children.

A wide variety of activities are offered to the child with the three main goals as the foundation of the curriculum:

CURRICULUM To help each child in positive self esteem and self-understanding through enjoyable, effective social relationships

  • To help each child grow in understanding, knowledge and appreciation of the world in which he or she lives.
  • To help each child experience success and confidence in acquiring the skills necessary for entrance into Primary school.
  • Our curriculum is based on Montessori, Playway, Reggio Emilia, Glenn doman and Rudolf Steiner.

We take care of the development of all the 5 important skills necessary for preschoolers: -

  • Language development
  • Emotional development
  • Physical development
  • Social development
  • Intellectual development.

Hence the curriculum at Jumbo Kids is developmentally appropriate - which means, it keeps in mind the developmental stage and need of every child and teaches him accordingly. Hence a child is motivated to race against himself and improve his past performance and not race with his friends.

A unique method is followed in teaching writing, which is indeed a path breaking activity especially in India and that is using 3 lines instead of the age old four line method for teaching children writing.

Jumbo Kids believes strongly in Indian values and hence the National Anthem is sung everyday by the children at the beginning of the day.

In our playschool the 2 year olds learn by Reggio Emilia way which is a time tested playway method.

In our nursery the 3 years olds learn arthimetic and sensoral activities and exercises of practical life through the Montessori method.

In our Junior KG, the 4 year olds follow the Steiner way using the 3 Rs - Rhythm, Reverence and Repitition, gardening and cooking activities that help them for maths and writing of small letters. We do phonics and elocution which enhances the child's speech and spelling.

In our Senior KG, the 5 year olds follow the Reggio Emilia method and learn to link things together. They also do sight word reading and sentence reading through the Glenndoman way. They do 2-3 letter words and sentence writing. Addition and Subtraction is also done.

Space Required  1200 sq.ft or more 
Total Project Cost  6.5 Lakh rupees 
Investment 3 to 3.5 lakh rupees 
Brand Fee  2.5 Lakh Rupees 
Royalty  20%
Brand Upgradation Fee  50,000 per year applicable from year two. 
Term of Franchisee  20 years  

Staffing 1 teacher per 12 children 
Maid 1 per 20 children 
Assistant teachers  Atleast 2 float teachers 
Centre Head  One required will help if admission counselor is separate 
Batch Timing  Atleast 2 hours for playschool and nursery and atleast 3 hours for Junior & Senior KG 
Fees  Minimum 1200 per month 
Age Group  1.5 yrs - Little School
2 yrs - Play School
3 yrs - Nursery
4 yrs - Junior KG 



'Podar' today stands for quality education, everywhere it operates pre-schools, schools, and junior college and extension courses. It transfers all the attendant benefits of an 81 year commitment to education to every Franchisee of Podar Jumbo Kids.

'Every Prospective Franchisee wants a few Key answers before he/she can become a part of the 'Podar' family. Here are the many valid reasons why becoming a Podar Jumbo Kids Franchisee makes sound sense.

  • An 81 year heritage with an unmatched focus on quality education.
  • A 'brand' name that offers excellent equity with Target Audience.
  • Unique 'Add-On' revenue models ensures maximisation of premises utilization, enhance ROI.
  • Unique Advice to help choose/regularize suppliers/ materials to ensure business growth in a structured manner.
  • Hand-holding by Franchisee Supervisors who play the role of 'MENTOR' and are the contact point for day-to-day queries/support.
  • Regular e-mail contact/support/encouragement/new ideas from Academic/marketing Departments of Franchisee Cell.
  • No-cost promotion / publicity material to launch Podar Jumbo Kids Centre. Sure hit/low-cost promotion ideas at no obligation.
  • Local advertising support that gets results.
  • Regular academic meets / updates/ audits to ensure best practises / high standards.
  • Progress reports to analyse feedback, spor shortcomings / weaknesses.
  • Easy simple reporting formats to help/ensure every Podar Jumbo Kids Centre maximises potential.
  • Continual 'event' support for all celebrations.
  • Unique 'parental involvement ideas/techniques to help establish 'Centre' through local 'buzz.'
  • Model based on international N.A.E.Y.C Standards
    Excellent curriculum, designed in consonance with global best practices for all age groups.
  • Excellent staff training
    Uniquely designed easy-to-handle, 'Training Material'.
  • Training supported by actual video models of classroom and other activity areas.
  • Unique Admission Kit designed to facilitate education process invlolving child, parent and the individual 'Centre'.
  • Regular additional 'revenue generating' ideas ideated for 'Centres' including mechandising, camps, clubs, extension courses etc.

This is how we cultivate 9 intelligences in our children:

  1. Linguistic Intelligence Dramatisation, Elocution, Role play.
  2. Mathematical and Logical Intelligence Science experiments, Science feely box, Puzzles, Shape sorter, cooking, gardening, Montessori equipment.
  3. Visual and Spatial Intelligence Cutting, Lacing and Scissoring
  4. Bodily Kinaeshthetic Intelligence Parachute play, music and movement, sand and waterplay, obstacle race.
  5. Musical Intelligence Interactive charts, sound cylinders, musical instruments & songs.
  6. Interpersonal Intelligence Lego & Blocks for constructive group play, clean up time.
  7. Intrapersonal Intelligence Drama time, Morning Message, Reverence.
  8. Spiritual Caring for Environment, Sharing.
  9. Naturalist Gardening, uses of water, no circus/zoo - safari's instead.
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