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N8 Touch Massage
The five significant advantages we have are what make N8 Touch the best possible option in the massage franchise industry.
Type of business
Massage Health Care Franchise
NameN8 Touch Massage
HistoryThree Unique Concepts
- N8tures Therapy Centers
- Relaxst8tions
- Relaxst8tions2go

We are the only massage franchise with three unique concepts. All the others are limited to one, in-house massage services. N8 Touch offers this massage standard through its N8tures Therapy Centers, but we also offer site-specific Relaxst8tions and Relaxst8tions2go for those who wish to capitalize on a variety of other income sources (e.g., airport and mall traffic or athletes and bystanders at sporting events such as marathons) or for those who wish to make a smaller investment.

27 Years of Practice Management Experience
We are the ONLY massage franchise with 27 years of experience in helping businesses in the healthcare field grow, prosper and thrive. With the current trend toward health and wellness and the recent attention bestowed upon massage as a necessary element of healthcare, N8 Touch is poised to take full advantage of this HIGH TIDE with its vast and proven experience in the field.

& Services
We’re more than just massage…
Sure, we have everything all the other massage franchises have: start-up support, training, branding, professional designers, membership programs, ongoing support, etc., etc. And yes, just like all the others, we can assure you that you need no experience in this industry to profit from it. It’s pretty obvious, in fact, that you could choose any of the others and receive just about the same ROI and expect identical benefits and support from all of them.

The five significant advantages we have that the others lack are what make N8 Touch the best possible option in the massage franchise industry.

CountryUnited States  United States | America
Franchise Fee125,000 THB (Thailand)
Business type
of investor
& Support
etc.Benefits of owning an n8 touch franchise include:

- Recurring revenue model with our National Membership Card program.
- Gift Card program to attract new clients
- Attractive and elegant national design that can accommodate thousands of appointments each month. - Turnkey national marketing strategy to attract new clients every day.
- 27 years experience in training thousands of business men and women on how to grow their businesses.
- Easy-to-use and completely integrated Web-based scheduling, membership card, gift card programs and Point of Sales system.
- Web-based reporting to see all your business's key performance indicators like;: daily sales, number of visits and appointments scheduled
Contactn8 touch
Address9815 N. 95th Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
Information as 2 December 2018 
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N8TouchHIGH TIDERelaxst8tions
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