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Realty World is an international franchise organization for licensed real estate brokers with over 30 years of excellence in service to the home buying and selling public.
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Agent, Real Estate Broker Franchise
NameRealty World
HistoryWhat’s in a name? When it comes to a real estate franchise, the strength of your name can mean the difference between success and failure. As a pioneer in the real estate franchise business. REALTY WORLD has been offering its powerful name to brokers and agents since 1973.

When you partner with REALTY WORLD you not only enhance your company’s image, you can take advantage of literally hundreds of marketing tools specifically designed for today’s brokers and agents. In addition, the REALTY WORLD Academy offers our members various training strategies that can be accessed through either live training seminars or through our REALTY WORLD E-Academy web conference training.

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If you're a licensed real estate broker or agent seeking a better system for success, Realty World® - an international franchise organization with over 30 years of excellence in the industry - may be for you.

At Realty World®, we've reinvented the real estate business system by combining the best features of the traditional franchise with the flexibility and profitability of the non-traditional broker network.

Our system is based on a "menu" of services which members may select from and pay for at the time of use and which have been perfected to maximize profitability and effectiveness in today's real estate market. The franchise fee is $18,000, and members pay a low flat monthly royalty - not a percentage of gross.

CountryUnited States  United States | America
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We are committed to the professional development of all of our members and offer intensive leadership training for our brokers and managers, and a true lifetime residual income program for agents with six levels, paid monthly.

Our state-of-the-art collateral marketing tools and technologies equip our members to serve the consumer, and our powerful brand name - one of the most recognized in real estate - positions us in the customers' minds as a leader in the industry.

of investor
We are currently seeking qualified individuals or companies who may be interested in acquiring the franchising rights to a particular country or countries. As a master franchise you would have exclusive rights to develop and manage the growth of the REALTY WORLD brand in that area. International master franchises are still available in many countries. Call for availability.
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etc.REALTY WORLD Inc. is a real estate franchisor with hundreds of offices in the United States and a growing International presence. The REALTY WORLD brand is well represented today in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. In addition, REALTY WORLD has entered the European/Asian market recently with over fifty offices.
ContactRealty World, Inc.
Address1600 Sunflower Avenue, Ste 100
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Tel.800-685-4984, 714-436-9009
Information as  28 December 2018 
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