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If you love animals and enjoy working with people, this retail pet business could be the perfect franchise opportunity for you!
30,000 USD (U.S. Dollar)
In early 1991 the first Pet Depot® opened in Santa Monica, Ca.

Named Katie’s PET DEPOT® after the founder’s daughter, the store specialized in premium pet foods, pet grooming and quality supplies for all kinds of companion animals. Customers loved the expert pet advice and personal caring service, so the store grew quickly to one of the best places to shop. In fact in 1992, Katie’s was crowned “L.A.’s Best Pet Shop” by Los Angeles Magazine, and was bestowed several more recognitions over the years by local news channels as the “in” place for pets and their owners to shop.

Winning customer loyalty was easy, as we really do care about your pets and their health.

In 1992 Katie’s added a second location in Westwood, then acquired the Mar Vista location in 1994 and grew again by opening the large format store in West Los Angeles in 1997.

The Pet Depot format was proof that a quality independent pet retailer could compete and grow in a big box world. In fact, most of our customers preferred the personal service at Katie’s Pet Depot over the impersonal clerks at the larger stores in the area.

To insure that each Pet Depot location maintains the personal touch for every customer, we decided to franchise. This allows us to maintain the best relationships with you, while providing the competitive pricing of a larger chain.

At Pet Depot we believe in pride of ownership, so we incorporate the name of individual franchise owners into our logo. Each of these individual owners receives extensive training and has pets of their own, so they can provide the same expert advice and service of our original Pet Depot stores. We know that you will appreciate shopping at a locally owned business for your pets needs and the expert pet advice each owner will give you.

Let our dedicated team give you expert pet advice along with great customer service to help keep your pets healthy and happy.

All our stores feature Super Premium All Natural & Holistic brands of pet foods, as well as fresh, frozen and raw pet diets.

We have a huge selection of Pet Supplies & Remedies for nearly every kind of domestic pet. We’ve got everything you need to keep your pet healthy from the inside out. Plus, lots of toys, chews and treats!

Most of our locations offer: Expert Pet Grooming, Pet Adoptions, Vet Clinics and Dog Training in a clean friendly environment. Please see each store for details.

19 Branches
Sum Branch19 Branch
• Depending on the size and the condition of your store location, a PET DEPOT® franchise will cost between $265,000 - $550,000. These prices cover everything you’ll need including working capital, to get your PET DEPOT® store up and running. Through our extensive industry contacts, you’ll be able to acquire store display fixtures, inventory, point-of-sale equipment and operations systems.

• PET DEPOT® does not offer financing, however we can direct qualified borrowers to quality lenders and SBA offices that specialize in business loans.

Financial Requirements
Total Investment: $265,000 - $550,000.
Depending upon the size of the store you want to open. PET DEPOT® stores are generally between 2,500 and 6,000 sq. ft.

Liquid Assets: $75k - $155k
SBA loan requires you to have 30% of the loan request in cash, and have enough other collateral / equity to guarantee the loan.

Initial franchise fee: $30,000
Gives you the rights to operate your PET DEPOT® location, and gives your store the advantages of joining our team: the hands-on experience, increased buying power and access to industry relationships we’ve been building since 1990.

Advertising fee: 2%
We collect 2% of gross sales and place it in a dedicated advertising account to manage the promotions and sales for the entire chain of stores. Our extensive experience with advertising helps your store get off to a good start. We negotiate for additional co-op monies and get the PET DEPOT® value message out to your customers.

Royalty fee: 5%
We collect 5% of gross sales to maintain the corporate support structure. Because of our negotiated buying power and high volume, your lower cost of goods covers our royalty fee. Our franchise services staff also helps guide you through various critical areas in operating your store on an ongoing basis.
Once your store financing is secured, training commences. You will spend time at our Corporate store in La Verne, CA. learning how to run your store. About two-weeks is required to learn the many functions you will need to perform in the operation of your store.
PET DEPOT® is growing and offers you an exciting opportunity to join our successful retail program. Currently, our franchises are available in most states in North America.

PET DEPOT® offers you a choice of franchising options:

• area developer: this position affords you exclusive rights to develop PET DEPOT® store locations over a specific geographic area
• individual franchisees: for those who’d like to own their own single store.

Whichever franchising option you choose, now is the time to join with other PET DEPOT® owners in the growing retail pet industry.
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