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Preppy Pet Suites
Preppy Pet Suites provides exceptional pet boarding and daycare, and our franchise offers you the opportunity to profit from your love of animals.
24,500 USD (U.S. Dollar)
We opened the first location, year of 2003 in Orlando, Florida while building a successful complete business plan over time with Manager Pat Shriver through all of our love of animals and business alike.

In 2005, we Met Jim Dietz, The Franchise Doctor and started Franchising in 2006, with help from son Danny and his wife Nicole Gore, plus our many great supporting team and franchisees members that are helping us to grow and all succeed together as a stronger network.

Our Goal is to find pet lovers like us that want to own a fun, affordable and rewarding franchise. We believe in the American dream of owning and running your own business, with a good plan, some hard work, letting it grow wisely, and truly enjoy what we do in life!

All the best business advisors say the same thing: "Follow your passion and you'll find success."

If you love animals-especially dogs-running a Preppy Pet Suites daycare and boarding facility could be the passion that takes you to a new level of career satisfaction.

Over 60 percent of American families own one or more pets. When they travel, they need a caring boarding facility where their pets will enjoy themselves. With both partners in many homes working, more families are opting for daycare for their pets-a chance to play with others and get plenty of exercise. Most families today pamper their dog and consider it a family member.

1. What type of person makes the best franchisee?
As a Preppy Pet franchisee, you will recruit and manage a staff of 2 to 10 employees once you have been open and are stablished. Your employees will run, care for, and play with the pets your customers leave at your facility. Often, they will take calls from customers and help them at the counter. Feeding, washing the pets and cleaning their suites are other important roles for your staff. Choosing the right people, training, motivating and managing them is an important aspect of your success. Most owners manage the sales process, procurement, advertising and the finances of their businesses. A strong commitment to providing outstanding care to the pets entrusted to you is critical, as is a desire to run a successful business.

2. How large is a Protected Territory?
You will receive the exclusive rights to a large geographic area that will prevent others from opening a Preppy Pet Suites within a defined territory however, you are permitted to take in pets owned by any customer from other locations.

3. How long will it take to get started?
You are in control of many of the variables in getting your unit open. Finding a good location and getting your facility ready promptly helps most units open in 90 days from the signing of a lease. We try to schedule your training as soon as you are available after you've signed your lease. Preppy Pet has many advantages for a quick and easy startup such as manufacturing our own kennel suites.

4. How much does a Preppy Pet Suites Franchise cost to open?
We charge an initial franchise fee of $24,500 to help offset our costs of recruiting you and helping you launch and run your business. In addition, you should have a minimum of $75,500 to cover initial equipment, remodeling and lease payments. Typically at least $25,000 in credit line or cash should be available as needed to offset costs that exceed your profits in the early months. We estimate that most franchisees will need at least $100,000 plus available credit line and in most cases this is much less than opening a kennel on your own independently.

5. Is any financing available?
Preppy Pet does not directly offer financing to prospective franchisees, but we may be able to guide you in finding funds for your business. We work with several companies that handle SBA loans to 401K exchanges.

6. Do I buy my equipment from Preppy Pet Suites?
Preppy Pet has developed a superior design for kennel suites using multiple panel sizes modular kennels, giving you the greatest flexibility in setting up your facility. These can only be obtained from us and only our Franchisees will have the benefit of purchasing these wholesale modular kennels. Other materials and supplies can be purchased from our vendor list direct with savings negotiated by our network. This is a major savings for cost of sales as some franchises sell you products that you must purchase at a premium.

7. Do I have to buy a van to operate my franchise?
Our customers deliver their pets to us and pick them up after their workday or vacation so you don't need to purchase and insure any vehicles.

8. What are the ongoing costs of a franchise?
Like most franchisors, we charge a royalty on your ongoing sales. This motivates us to help you grow your business and increase sales, year to year, resulting in an increased revenue stream for Preppy Pet Suites. Unlike our competitors, we reward high achievers by lowering their royalty percentage as low as 4% of gross sales. We also have a very low minimum fee that are ridiculous from some franchisors, We also have no administrative fees, no website maintenance fees, no webcam fees, No kennel software upgrade fees and more that you need to be aware of from some franchisors that may lead to a very high costs of sales along with a poor return on investment.

9. How much can I earn now (Return On Investment) and will it build equity for the future?
We are unable to provide predictions of how much you will earn in your specific franchise, however, we do include Revenue and Labor costs in our Offering Circular. Your ability and willingness to execute the business plan we'll share with you during your training will be a prime factor in your success. You control your profit margins and expenses in your franchise. You will be pleasantly surprised in how much equity you should gain in building your Preppy pet Suites pet care business.

10. What are the major differences from Preppy Pet Franchises and other pet care franchises?
Preppy Pet Franchises is the only affordable pet care franchise that offers full capacity for overnight boarding of all pets, along with doggie daycare and spa services. Our method of opening an effective upscale pet boarding, doggie daycare facility along with operating efficiently is part of our complete business plan. Our preppy-themed charms the customer with our Country club, Racquet club and Yacht club play areas, plus our Suites located in our Martha's Vineyard, Hampton's, and Cape Cod areas.

This is the role that Preppy Pet Suites franchisees fill-daycare and boarding with all-day play options. But we are not your traditional kennel. Each facility is conveniently located, provides a suite for each guest, and is so clean it even smells good!

Once pet owners visit, they always return. Even if their dog can't talk, they can tell by their dogs' enthusiasm on arriving and contentment on returning home that Preppy Pet Suites is their "home away from home."

Our Goal is to provide a fun, affordable and profitable franchise. We will help you open a Preppy Pet Suites franchise for far less money and time than it would take on your own. Your investment fee includes all equipment, build-out costs and operating cash.

To ensure your success as a Preppy Pet Suites franchisee, we provide:

- Superior modular dog kennels at wholesale cost.
- Quick start marketing program.
- Full training in operations.
- Valuable vendor list to save time and money.
- Site selection build-out manual.
- Operations procedures manual with assistance.
- Ongoing support.
ContactPreppy Pet Franchises Inc.
57 West Michigan St.
Orlando, Fl. 32806
Mobile1.8.preppypet or 1.877.377.9738 (toll free)
Information as 2 December 2018 
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