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The DataLocking Company
(The DataLocking Company)
Become an owner of a Wireless Security franchise in a booming market that lets you choose your hours! Be your own boss with The DataLocking Company and achieve the financial security you've always wanted.
The DataLocking Company is committed to one vision - a world where one day individuals and corporations can protect information that is vital to them through a series of legal, corporate and technological solutions, ensuring private information stays private. We are committed to this vision.

The DataLocking Company offers services that ensure the complete privacy and security of our customers' email communications. We perform these services worldwide with our off-shore hosting; messages that originate on our network terminate on our network to offer the most complete data locking services (DLS) in the industry.

As a company who prides itself on being the leader of data encryption security in every nation and country of the world, we work closely connected to each and every one or our clients. We understand their various security needs and strive to innovate new technologies which will advance optimal security in every area of business. Today, as both specialists and pioneers to the industry we’ve reached far past where most companies dare to tread. We go beyond Consumer Grade and Corporate Grade and have created to a whole new place in the industry, which we call Data Locking. That is why we own the name, The DataLocking Company. Data Locking is a whole new type of security that is superior and will soon dominate the mobile security industry as we know it today.
These reasons are the primary issue that drive us to have access to our email sources while mobile. The challenge however is that simply making access to information and emails accessible has also make them vulnerable to security breaches.

The answer is to first inform users of all kind to the real security breaches that they are already part of and provide them with real solutions to those concerns with offshore email service in which it has primary mobile access delivered to a Blackberry. Adding simplified communication, accessibility and privacy by allowing people to communicate wherever, whenever and however, knowing that their communications are completely secure. See Security Spectrum and Privacy Spectrum.

The answer is to provide a secure offshore email service in which has its primary mobile access delivered to a Blackberry.

The answer is to simplify communication, accessibility and privacy by allowing people to communicate wherever they are, knowing that their communications are completely secure.

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Corporate Offices
23046 Avenida De La Carlota
Suite 651
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Information as 29 May 2019 
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