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Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists (AWRS)
AWRS, the largest company of its kind, is a complete mobile wheel repair service operating in several countries around the world.
Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists (AWRS) is the largest company of its kind in the world (over 300 operating units). We are looking for Leaders who want to take advantage of this ground floor opportunity. As a franchisee you will build equity and make a tremendous income participating in this blossoming industry. You must have the desire to build a team and lead them to the domination of your local market.
Industry Leadership — the AWRS network currently dominates the market for cosmetic enhancement. Wholesale markets include used car departments of major dealerships, auto auctions, rental car fleets and insurance companies. We retail our service by establishing business relationships with hundreds of service departments in auto dealers, collision/body shops and even tire stores, who regularly up-sell our services. It is the quality of the repair and our limited life time warranty that captures the desire for these markets to represent the AWRS services.
115 Branches
Sum Branch115 Branch
AWRS offers a variety of programs for an overseas partner. In order to be considered for any of the franchise options below, candidates must meet specific net worth, work experience and integrity thresholds.

Single Franchise
This is a franchise for a distinct geographical area. The price of the franchise is determined by the population within this geographical area as well as the economic factors and automotive service opportunities. The smallest franchise territory offered is 250,000 people but most franchise buyers prefer to own territories consisting of at least 1 million people. Single franchise owners may choose between offering mobile repair utilizing our Mobile Reconditioning Facility (MRF) or operating from a fixed base facility. Due to language and travel restrictions, this franchise option may not be available in some countries until we have a Master Franchisee in place.

Our Co-Brand offering is designed for those that are already operating an automotive type of business and want to add wheel repair as a new service. This is particularly attractive to owners of automobile dealerships, collision shops, tire stores, car wash and detail centers or general automotive repair garages. The price for this franchise would vary based upon the number of locations owned, population and other economic factors. We anticipate that most co-branded franchises would operate as a fixed base location rather than as a mobile operation.

Area Development
The area development option allows a franchise owner of a large geographical area to open multiple markets using their own Mobile Reconditioning Facilities or fixed base facilities. The area developer will purchase the rights to a large territory and determine the best method for marketing the services themselves. Although this is a more expensive option because of repair facility and royalty costs, there is tremendous potential for a much greater profit margin. The price of an Area Development franchise is determined in the same manner as that of a Master Franchise, which is based on population and economic factors.

Master Franchise
Master franchisees purchase a large geographic area, typically purchasing an entire country or a portion thereof. Once purchased, the Master franchisee has the option of selling sub-franchises and collecting a royalty commission on revenue generated by the sub-franchisee (single franchise), which is split with AWRS corporate. The master franchise is responsible for all facets of the business, including recruitment of sub-franchises, training, marketing and on-going field support. This option requires and substantial upfront investment but offers a residual revenue stream from the royalty payments and other sub-franchise fees. As with other franchise options, the price for this alternative is dependent on the population of the proposed territory as well as other economic factors.

Business Type: Franchise.
Minimum Investment: $68,000.
Financing Assistance: Yes, through a third party.
Training Provided: Yes.
Home-based: Yes.
Comprehensive Technical, Sales & Marketing Support — our training department will take you and your technicians though our comprehensive two-week classroom and field training program at the corporate headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. We also train at many of our company's authorized training centers in the UK or at a Master Franchise location. Once training is completed, an AWRS Field Operations Manager will travel to your location where they will provide territory sales & marketing training, develop a competitive analysis & business planning approach, establish your territory routing system, provide field technical training and conduct actual field demonstrations.

You are not alone — the company proudly provides on-going forums so that you can learn and grow with the network.

Patented system for paint adherence (replicates the OEM finish in durability) — this is why we can give lifetime warranties.
Patent pending New Bee straightening system (straightens without tire removal and measure roundness as you straighten). Straightens front or back quickly. Does lateral or bead seats. Returns to factory tolerances.
Patent Pending Mobile Reconditioning Center — state-of-the-art two room workshop. Features downdraft or updraft paint /repair stations.
Patent Pending New Bee spinner — simulates lathe lines and ensures no low spots or repair divots when smoothing damaged beads.
Certification and advanced training as wheel repair technician by DuPont Co worldwide.
Color matches for all the world's wheels — water base or solvent systems.
Remanufacturing technology — grow from mobile to fully integrated repair facility offering welding, CNC machining and powder coating.
ContactAlloy Wheel Repair Specialists (AWRS)
3100 Medlock Bridge Rd.
Suite #330
Norcross, Georgia 30071
Information as 2 December 2018 
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