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LubePro's is a successful automotive services franchise whose proven Service System delivers first-class automotive care to consumers.
Type of business
Car care | Quiz online
HistoryLubePro's is a successful chain of franchise and company-owned quick lube service centers. We provide services for quick lubrication and related services to automobiles, trucks and other vehicles in accordance with a detailed Service System.

The Service System consists of oil changes, replacement of oil filters, lubrication of chassis, maintenance of other automotive fluids, as well as performance of various other courtesy services.

The automobile is important to the lifestyle of everyone. Over 70 percent of today's households own two or more vehicles. With the costs of automobiles rising every year, consumers are holding on to them longer, which make routine service and maintenance a necessity. The auto service market is huge!
& Services
LubePro's provides a range of selective services such as additives, air filter replacements, transmission and differential services. Other services include: radiator flushing, serpentine belt replacement, air conditioning recharge services, tire rotation, fuel filter replacement, miscellaneous bulb replacement; and some stores do light repairs to vehicles, such as brake and strut repair and replacement.
CountryUnited States  United States | America
Franchise Fee32,000 U.S. Dollar (USD)
Abroad28 Branches
Sum Branch28 Branch
Business type
Minimum Net Worth: $400K
Cash Investment: $150K
Total Investment: $223-274K
Average Total Investment: $250K

Initial Franchise Fee: $32K
Average Franchise Fee: $32K
On-Going Royalty: 5%
Average Royalty: 5%
Advertising Fee: 5%
of investor
Franchisee Qualifications
Ranked from 1 (unimportant) to 5 (important):
Financial Net Worth: 4
General Business Experience: 3
Specific Industry Experience: 1
Formal Education: 2
Psychological Profile: 2
Personal Interview(s): 4
& Support
Support and Training
International Franchise Association: No
Canadian Franchise Association: No
Franchisee Association/Member: No
Size of Corporate Staff: 4
Site Selection Assistance? Yes
Lease Negotiation Assistance? No
Financial Assistance? No
etc.We begin by providing you with in-depth training on operating and growing your business. You’ll learn the techniques and marketing strategies of our very unique system. Our ongoing support and training programs keeps you abreast of the successful techniques we and other franchisees use, as well. We are on top of the industry statistics and data for auto performance and pass that on to our franchisees on a regular basis.

Also, we will lend you a copy of our Confidential Operations and Sales Manual. This manual contains a wealth of information about how to operate and grow your LubePro’s franchise. We will also provide you with business forms, marketing aids, sample advertising, promotional recommendations, pricing guides, and other forms you need to start and successfully manage your business.

Address1740 So. Bell School Road
Cherry Valley, IL 61016
Tel.(800) 654-5823
Information as  2 December 2018 
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