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Oil Can Henry
Our commitment to quality and our unique operations system set us apart from the competition and provide excellent franchise opportunities.
25,000 USD (U.S. Dollar)
Today's vehicle owners are seeking convenient service they can trust. And they're choosing Oil Can Henry's to provide it.

Oil Can Henry's has become an industry innovator with a dedication to superior customer service; a strong, unique brand; finely-honed operating systems; and, exacting service procedures that clearly distinguish us from the competition.

Our franchisees benefit from the powerful strategic alliances we have developed. We are a Strategic Alliance Partner with Castrol Select Service, an exclusive national network of quick lube companies selected by Castrol, to create superior operations and marketing opportunities for our franchisees. As a result, our franchisees enjoy valuable financial assistance programs that assist in funding a center's start-up costs and provide promotional and marketing co-op dollars.

Our franchisees also have access to a wealth of valuable research and intelligence as well as effective advertising, marketing and operations programs to grow their business.

Oil Can Henry's provides customers with fast, friendly vehicle maintenance service they can trust.

There are 67 Oil Can Henry's service centers in Arizona, California, Colorado, Minnesota, Oregon, and Washington. Oil Can Henry's is continuing to expand, with new locations in development or under construction in California, Colorado, Minnesota, Oregon, and Washington.

Formed in 1978, the company provides customers with a variety of important services, including the Famous 20-Point Full-Service Oil Change, Automatic Transmission Flush, Cooling System Flush, Emission System Cleaner, Engine Flush, Fuel Filter Replacement, Gear Box Service, and Power Steering Flush.

Oil Can Henry's earns its customers' trust with a unique service that involves them in the service and educates them about their vehicle. There are no waiting rooms at Oil Can Henry’s. Instead, customers are allowed to remain in their vehicles, where they can relax with a free newspaper and watch and listen as trained technicians complete the services they request.

Recognized as a true innovator, Oil Can Henry's continues to enhance the customer's experience by involving them in the service and educating them about their vehicles.

The company's proprietary CastrolCam system, introduced in 2001, provides live views of Oil Can Henry's employees at work under the hood and under the vehicle. The customer relaxes in her vehicle and watches on the CastrolCam video monitor positioned next to her window, as the service is performed.

Oil Can Henry's educates customers about their vehicles through the use of a Service Review, which details the vehicle manufacturer's service recommendations. The company continues to improve and enhance the Service Review to ensure customers are comfortable and confident making decisions about service for their vehicle.

60 Branches
Sum Branch60 Branch
Total investment: $201K-258K
Franchise fee: $25K
Ongoing royalty fee: 5.5%
Term of agreement: 15 years, renewable
We let our customers remain in their vehicles, where they can watch and listen as our friendly, trained technicians complete the services they request. Our proprietary CastrolCam video monitor, positioned next to the driver's side window, provides live views of the service under the hood and under the vehicle. As we like to say, "Seeing is believing and you can believe in us. Oil Can Henry's. The One You Can Trust."

We involve our customers in the service by reviewing their service options with them, and providing them with their vehicle manufacturers' recommended service schedules. This enables us to communicate with them throughout the service and to earn their trust. The result is impressive customer loyalty – and increased sales.

At Oil Can Henry's, we work hard to maintain the entrepreneurial spirit that got us started and has fueled our controlled, sustained growth. We drive innovation, constantly looking for new, better ways to serve our customers. We created the CastrolCam video monitor system that provides our customers with live views of the service on their vehicle, and we have developed unique customer relationship programs and marketing approaches that differentiate ourselves from the competition.
ContactOil Can Henry
1200 NW Naito Pkwy # 690 Portland,
Mobile(503) 243-6311 or (800) 765-6244.
Information as 2 December 2018 
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