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NOVUS franchising is a welcoming environment for people searching for a future career. We expertly train people with diverse backgrounds to operate a NOVUS franchise and perform various technical services.
37,000 USD (U.S. Dollar)
NOVUS® invented windshield repair in 1972. The company began franchising windshield repair in 1985. For over 30 years, NOVUS has been and remains the industry’s research & development pioneer. NOVUS has been awarded more U.S. Patents for windshield repair than the rest of the windshield repair industry combined.

In 1995, NOVUS introduced high quality, fully guaranteed windshield and auto glass replacement service.

NOVUS R & D also invented SRP Scratch Removal® to remove scratches, gouges and graffiti from automotive and architectural glass surfaces. SRP Paint Restoration® was added to the NOVUS family of services in 1999.

The common thread in NOVUS’ diversified services is that windshield repair, auto glass replacement, paint restoration and glass scratch removal all involve the surface of the vehicle. All are guaranteed by NOVUS for as long as the customer owns their vehicle.

NOVUS also offers a complete line of SRP glass installation and car care products including the highest quality urethane adhesives, glass and paint primers / preps and cleaners for vehicles and technicians. In addition, NOVUS Plastic Polish is ideal for removing scratches and imperfections in plastic motorcycle, airplane and boat windshields.

NOVUS® is known throughout the world as the “Repair First, Replace When Necessary”® company. That reputation is backed by a written warranty that states a NOVUS windshield repair will restore strength and clarity to the glass; will halt the further spread of damage; and, will pass vehicle inspection in all states for as long as the customer owns their vehicle, or, NOVUS will refund the cost of the repair.

Nearly 500 NOVUS franchises in North America and 2,000 locations in 42 countries deliver on that promise every day. NOVUS franchisees have performed over 20 million high quality windshield repairs with a customer satisfaction index exceeding 99%.

2,000 Branches
Sum Branch2,000 Branch
Net Worth Required:
$40,000 (Mobile units).
$100,000 (Retail units).

Total Investment Required:
$14,000 - $190,020 – USA.

Cash investment: $20,000 - $90,000
Franchise fee: $7,500
Total investment: $37,000 - $169,000
Royalty fees: 7%
Advertising fees: Varies

International has different fee structure. Inquire for more information.

NOVUS®’ strategy for international development is to expand by first granting Master License rights for a country or region to qualified individuals or companies. Once we have established a Master License, the Master Licensee establishes Area Licenses and/or Individual Licenses for their territory. Following is a brief description of each opportunity available through NOVUS.

Master License
- A Master License or Master Franchise grants an individual or company the development rights for the NOVUS Windshield Repair and Replacement® Business for a country or region. The Master License responsibilities include the following:

- Opening and operating the first NOVUS business in the country.
- Expanding NOVUS presence in the country or countries by selling additional franchises.
- Training and supporting all franchises within their territory.
- Master Licensees generate profit from the sale of franchises, the collection of monthly or quarterly fees from franchisees and the sale of NOVUS services and products. NOVUS Master Franchises also have the opportunity to be distributors of NOVUS Plastic Polish®, SRP™ Scratch Removal Equipment and our SRP™ Paint Restoration System.

Area License
- An Area License grants an individual or company, the development rights for NOVUS Windshield Repair and Replacement for a state, province, or county. An Area Licensee will own and operate their own NOVUS business as well as be responsible for selling franchises and supporting the franchises within their area.

Individual License
- An Individual License owns and operates a NOVUS business within a city.

*If you are interested in becoming an Individual or Area Licensee, please let us know and we will provide you with the contact information for the Master License for your area.

- Industry’s best factory technical training
- "Opening" and ongoing operational support
- Business management training and support
- Franchisee mentoring program
- National conventions and regional training
To defend and build on our position as the dominant automotive franchisor in the United States with a strong brand and business system enabling franchisees to be well-managed, profitable, motivated and customer service oriented. NOVUS® and our franchises will focus upon delighting consumers requiring windshield repair, automotive glass replacement and other complementary products and services.
Eagle Creek Commerce Center East
12800 Highway 13 South, Suite 500
Savage, MN 55378
MobileWorldwide: 952-944-8000, Toll-Free: 1-800-328-1117
Information as 29 May 2019 
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