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COMPUTER EXPLORERS (CE), a turnkey educational technology franchise, is a home office-based business, providing educational technology solutions for a range of clients.
30,000 THB (Thailand)
In 1984, COMPUTER EXPLORERS (CE) was founded on the idea that all children should have access to a quality technology education. Today, CE is a turnkey franchise system that reaches more than 25,000 students per week at nearly 1000 locations across the United States and internationally. Our 600 teachers prepare children for the future in nearly 2,000 schools.

COMPUTER EXPLORERS was created BY Educators, FOR Educators and is currently taking technology education to new heights. CE reaches children ages three and older. Over the course of time, new elements such as robotics, engineering and digital applications have become incorporated into CE.

COMPUTER EXPLORERS provides software, curriculum, technology certified teachers and staff, continuous and up-to-date training, and real-life, hands-on education. It has been proven time and time again that technology education increases children’s skills and knowledge in other academic areas including math, science, reasoning, language arts, and critical thinking.

COMPUTER EXPLORERS offers a dynamic program that allows schools of all stature to take part in quality education. Technology and computers are essential in our lives; both help enhance knowledge, test scores, creativity and learning. The difficult task of implementing a system that truly works is no longer a problem. COMPUTER EXPLORERS has developed that system.

COMPUTER EXPLORERS is a recognized expert in children’s computer and technology education.

100 Branches
Sum Branch100 Branch
Initial Investment Required:
$15,731 – $18,500.

Total Investment Required:
$62,925 - $73,250.

Manager Model
Franchise Fee: $25,000
Est. Additional Initial Cost: $7,775-$13,900
Minimum Investment: $17,500

Owner-Operated Model
Franchise Fee: $15,000
Est. Additional Initial Cost: $7,375-$12,450
Minimum Investment: $17,500
Computer Tots/Computer Explorers offers technological education to youngsters, providing software, curriculum, technology certified teachers and staff, and real-life, hands-on education to help kids increase their skills in other areas (math, critical thinking, language arts, etc.). The programs start with children age 3 and up.
PO BOX 777 • Cypress, TX 77410
Mobile1-800-771-2823 , 800.531.5053, 662-890-4821
Information as 3 June 2019 
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