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Kinderdance® is the largest and fastest growing "Education through Dance, Motor Development, Gymnastics, Music and Fitness" program for young children today.
10,000 THB (Thailand)
In 1979, Carol Kay Harsell was busy running the American Academy of Dance, a successful dance school she founded in Scottsdale, Arizona. Harsell, who had great expectations for the school, was eager to expand her offerings and clientele. She looked to Bernard Friedman, a semi-retired businessman and entrepreneur, for ideas. After several months of hard work, Harsell and Friedman had more than tripled the size of the dance studio and raised the school's enrollment to more than 600 students, but enrollment in the academy's pre-school dance program, aptly named Kinderdance®, was still low. While talking one afternoon, Friedman asked Harsell why she thought that participation was limited? Harsell replied that it was because many young children were in child care centers and preschools. Friedman thought a few minutes and said "then why don't you bring the program to the children?" It was at that moment that the concept for Kinderdance® International was born.

The very next day, Harsell approached a local child care center and signed up six children for her Kinderdance® program. Thirty days later, more than 60 children were enrolled. Sensing that they were on to something big, Friedman marketed the Kinderdance® program to all of the child care centers in the greater Phoenix area. Six months after the original "on-site location", the Kinderdance® idea was off and running. Harsell and dance teachers from her studio were instructing classes in more than 30 child care centers around Phoenix, and were teaching in the Phoenix public school system.

By 1981, Harsell and Friedman were thrilled with the success of the Kinderdance® program. Clearly there was a demand for their innovative "on-site location" education through dance programs. Friedman and Harsell put their marketing and business experience to work, researching and developing an expansion plan for their new endeavor. Establishing Kinderdance® as a franchise organization seemed like the obvious answer-both knew that other motivated people like themselves could successfully market the Kinderdance® programs to child care centers, preschools and other viable locations around the country.

In late 1981, Kinderdance® International was incorporated and in 1985, the first Kinderdance® franchise was opened in Houston, Texas. Today there are over 100 Kinderdance® franchises operating in 38 states throughout the United States, Canada, Singapore, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, and Australia.

Kinderdance® is the original nationwide dance, motor development, gymnastics, and fitness program that combines academic readiness skills which are specifically designed for children ages 2 to 12. What makes Kinderdance® unique is that all of our programs incorporate educational concepts in a developmentally designed curriculum that teaches to the total child. We place special emphasis on building "Self Confidence" and "Self-Esteem" in young children.
Total Investment Required:
$14,950 - $46,100 (including franchisee fee).
Third party financing available.

Total Investment: $12,950-$27,100
Initial Franchise Fee: $10,000-$21,000
Royalty Fee: 6-15%
Advertising Fee:
Term of Agreement: 10 years
Renewal Fee: 10% of current fee

1. All franchises located outside the boundaries of the continental United States and Canada are offered only as Gold Level Franchises at a minimum cost of $40,000 U.S. and could be considerably higher for larger territories. A Gold Area Developer starting at $50,000 U.S. is also available. You and/or your representative must be capable of being trained in English. You must be actively involved in the day-to-day operation of your franchise.
2. You must submit a business plan clearly defining your projected growth for the first three years.
3. The franchise fee includes the initial 6 to 8 day training class here at corporate headquarters in Melbourne, Florida (lodging paid for by Kinderdance®), start-up supplies (including props, music and videos), and one follow-up visit onsite in your country at our expense.
4. You are responsible for any costs associated with translating materials and brochures.
5. Your net worth must be sufficient to enable you to fully develop your territory and will vary depending on the size, population and demographics of the area (city, region, country, etc.). This net worth figure typically runs between $100,000 and $300,000 U.S., but could be more.
- Have high energy with the ability to multi-task
- Are interested in the Children services business
- Are physically active
- Have experience in sales and marketing
Supplies and On-Going Support: From leotards to business cards, from music to business forms, Kinderdance® provides an initial supply of over 70 items you will need to start your business. Here is just a sample of what's included:

- Free Air Fare to Initial Training ($300.00 limit)
- Free Hotel Stay During Training
- Public Relations and Advertising Help
- Management Assistance
- Original Curriculum and Music
- Your Territory: No matter what level you choose, it will normally include between 250 to 400 locations; which is predicated on a population density of up to 400,000 residents. You will be awarded the right to teach all five of our programs (which is like having 5 separate franchises and only paying for one). There are no additional charges. At all levels you get a complimentary corporate "Quick Start" visit to help you with your initial marketing efforts.

BRONZE - $12,000
- Designed for the person who wants to teach all the classes by themselves on a part-time or full-time basis. Each Bronze Level franchisee is authorized to teach in up to 10 locations* within their area.

SILVER - $20,000 -
Designed for people who want to teach the Kinderdance® programs themselves or with a teacher on a full-time basis. Each Silver Level franchise is authorized to teach in up to 20 locations* in their area.

GOLD - $30,000
- Designed for people who want to market and train others. This gives you unlimited locations in an exclusive territory of up to a 400,000 population (determined by city, county, or zip code boundaries). You may or may not teach the program yourself.

GOLD PLUS - $40,000
- The Gold Plus Area Developer is designed for the person who is a motivated, financially qualified person who would enjoy an additional profit center. In addition to Tuition Receipts and Dancewear Sales the Gold Plus Area Developer franchisee would earn 40% of the paid initial franchise fee for each new franchise awarded in their territory, along with 25% of their paid monthly royalties!

ContactKinderdance International Inc.
1333 Gateway Dr., #1003
Melbourne, FL
Mobile(321)984-4448, (800)554-2334 , 540-904- 2506
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