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College Nannies & Tutors
Choose Nannies. Choose Tutors. Choose both. Our franchise structure allows you to select the business that best fits your requirements.
19,000 THB (Thailand)
Founded in 2001, College Nannies & Tutors was started by Joseph Keeley after being a nanny himself for two boys and a little girl in Edina, MN. During his first summer as a nanny, Keeley saw that he was being much more than a babysitter, but rather an "Active Role Model" for the children. He recognized a need for a unique and specialized service that connected working parents to safe and reliable nannies & tutors. He found these nannies & tutors in current college students, recent college graduates and certified teachers looking to make a positive difference through their jobs working with children and adolescence. The College Nannies & Tutors organization has since expanded on Keeley's initial award-winning business to focus on "fostering children's happiness and success through academic and developmental growth". In 2003, Keeley was joined by Peter Lytle, former teacher and well known Minnesota Business man. Mr. Lytle, as managing partner of Wayzata, MN based Business Development Group, assisted Keeley with the financing and expansion of the concept into child development and academic learning centers. Through their student and child development programs, College Nannies & Tutors employs nannies you can trust, tutors you will find helps your student succeed and test prep coaches and counselors that help your student get into the college of their choice. It is this commitment to both families and nannies & tutors and the proven College Nannies & Tutors system that distinguishes the company today.

College Nannies & Tutors is currently expanding on its mission by partnering with many family-focused entrepreneurs across the United States through its unique franchise opportunities. Entrepreneurs seeking a business that truly makes a positive difference in the lives of families have the opportunity to open a College Nannies franchise, a College Tutors franchise or both in a College Nannies & Tutors. If you believe that you or someone you know would be a good fit and would like to investigate the opportunity to join our mission-driven family of franchise companies, Click on the logos below to learn more about the College Nannies or Tutors franchise opportunities.
Our franchise structure allows you to select the business that best fits your requirements. Franchisees can choose only the “Nannies” business, only the “Tutors” business, or both businesses as a combined franchise. Both the Nannies & Tutors businesses function, essentially, the same way. The premise is simple: We have engineered an efficient way to match busy families with care or tutoring providers. In fact, many franchisees see the synergy between the business models almost immediately and opt for the combined business. But that decision is yours!
College Nannies:
Franchise Fee: $19,000.
Initial Investment: $35,000 - $59,700.

College Tutors:
Franchise Fee: $19,000.
Initial Investment: $37,000 - $101,000.

College Nannies & Tutors:
Franchise Fee: $27,000.
Initial Investment: $54,600 - $116,500.
Area Development Agreements:
Area Fee: $100,000.
Initial Investment: $105,000 - $120,000.
If you have been searching for a business that will make a difference not only in your life, but in the lives of children and families, then College Nannies & Tutors is right for you.
College Nannies & Tutors offers several attractive advantages to its franchisees. Low start-up costs, a home-based option and a business model designed for early cash flow to expedite their success are just a few. Our franchisees also enjoy protected territories and flexible development plans to help them determine the best way to grow their business with the support of our knowledgeable staff and our comprehensive training. Our award-winning technology allows you to manage your business from any place at any time. As a College Nannies & Tutors franchisee, you are active within your community, Building Strong Families while Building Your Business.
Our Nanny service is successful because it so closely meets the needs of busy families. As a franchisee, you can offer a complete set of options to parents on the go. Just need a night out on the town to relax? College Nannies can help! Need just a little extra help around the house? College Nannies can help! Need a full-time “Mary Poppins”? College Nannies can help!
ContactCollege Nannies & Tutors Development, Inc.
PO Box 213, Wayzata, MN55391-1945, United States
Mobile(952)476-0613 , 952.476.0262
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