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JEI Self-Learning Centers
JEI Self-Learning Centers deliver innovative, supplementary individualized learning programs to help children reach their highest potential; and our popular franchise operations are expanding worldwide.
25,000 USD (U.S. Dollar)
JEI Self-Learning Centers began in 1977 with a mission to help children reach their highest potential through the best educational environment possible. Today, there are millions of students enrolled in our supplementary education programs worldwide, with 60 centers operating in the US and Canada; we are continuing to expand our franchise operations.

JEI provides an individualized independent learning program in Math and English, from pre-K through 9th grade levels, geared to each student’s ability. Its purpose is to maximize the student’s potential, improve academic performance, and build each student’s confidence.

By joining JEI, you can become your own boss and be very successful in the educational field providing innovative and supplementary education programs to children in your community.

JEI is a leader in the education industry, continuously investing in research and development, and improving its products and services. Moreover, we are expanding to further develop the areas of online learning and training programs. In this way, JEI continues to advance its efforts to meet the ever-increasing needs of people at a time when information and technology are rapidly growing.

Total Investment Required:
$57,500 - $92,000.
Our marketing department will assist you with the creation of seasonal and location-specific advertising and promotions. Your contribution to the marketing fund goes directly to large-scale media promotions in your geographical area to create brand recognition and continually bring in new business.

JEI Self-Learning Center franchise owners receive full administrative support for ordering materials, accounting requirements, opening your center and ongoing operational needs. There are many resources available online for immediate access, and you will have everything you need to run the business right from the start.

Our franchise system is easy to learn and operate. JEI Learning Centers can be open 20 hours a week or more, and each franchisee is given extensive help to make each center successful. A background in education or working with children is helpful but not necessary to run a JEI Self-Learning Center.

There is an online support system to register students, provide a diagnostic test, manage student activities and records, and perform daily operations. Students come in once or twice a week for 50-minute sessions.

When they arrive, they turn in their workbooks from the previous week and the JEI instructor evaluates their learning before handing out their new workbook. Students complete 6-8 pages containing new learning objectives before leaving the session.

With a low initial investment, you can start a JEI Self-Learning Center in your desired neighborhood. Comprehensive training, valuable marketing and advertising support are continually provided.

ContactJEI Self-Learning Center
856 West El Camino Real
# C
Mountain View, California 94040
Information as 3 June 2019 
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