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You owe it to yourself to check out this rewarding, affordable concept in the children's industry! Work from home full or part-time, with low overhead and a low initial investment.
This is your opportunity to own an affordable business that can make a profound, positive difference in the lives of children in your community. If you are passionate about developing a child’s imagination and the idea of running your own business, TheaterFun might be ideal for you. At TheaterFun, our mission is compelling and simple: To nurture children’s self-confidence through the power of performing arts. We are the country’s premier theater and party company. Previous industry experience is not necessary to join us, as you will be managing and growing your business while instructors teach the classes and workshops using our proven teaching methods. You can work from home full or part-time, with very low overhead and a low initial investment.
TheaterFun is an educational program that allows children from pre-school through middle school to be involved in every part of the theater performance process. We bring the arts to children through fun and exciting parties, theater classes, etiquette classes and school assembly productions. Our parties, classes and workshops are held onsite in area schools, community facilities and homes, and teach children about theater as well as manners. Our unique and stimulating workshops give boys and girls an opportunity to develop self-confidence and the ability to express themselves creatively.
Total Investment Required:
Open a new business in a name YOU choose - or add this theater experience to your existing children’s oriented business. Freedom! No bosses! Enjoy the freedom that only comes from working for yourself. But there is lots of help available if you want it. When you invest in TheaterFun, you will benefit from our years of proven experience and success. All TheaterFun licensees receive a comprehensive training package to get started. TheaterFun will teach you about operating and working with young kids in the children's theater setting, in schools, churches and other groups in your community. You will also receive costumes, props, step-by-step instructions on how to network with schools, scripts to use, brochures, and all the necessary paperwork.
As a TheaterFun licensee, you will focus on promoting your business and scheduling workshops which are delivered by your staff of part-time instructors. You do not need a theater background. Your task is to concentrate on marketing your business to schools, parents, community centers and other potential customers, and hiring and training a staff of part-time instructors who will deliver the programs you sell. Our licensees build strong relationships with school and community decision-makers, becoming highly valued partners in education.
TheaterFun offers you a unique opportunity to build a successful business while contributing to your community. Our services are extremely popular, and teachers, parents, school administrators, businesses and government offices all have vested interests in programs that stimulate a child’s imagination and teach manners. As a TheaterFun licensee, you will experience the joy of providing programs that make all aspects of the performing arts fun and accessible for children.
ContactCarol Romo
2151 Darnis Circle
Morgan Hill, CA 95037
Information as 2 December 2018 
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