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Fun Energy Vending
Cash in on the phenomenal growth of the new energy vending market which generates $25 billion per year in North American sales. Don't miss this opportunity to run your own profitable vending business!
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Vending Business Franchise
NameFun Energy Vending
HistoryIf you just want to stay awake or experience a temporary burst of energy, coffee, energy drinks or other caffeinated products may be adequate. However, if you want to experience enhanced alertness PLUS sustained energy with ADDED NUTRITION, Kickbutt amped energy ballz are the answer. Fast-acting, long-lasting, they deliver the energy stimulus required for demanding physical activities or intense mental tasks with a delicious “come-back-for-more” taste profile.
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Functional food is any fresh or processed food having a health promoting and/or disease preventing property beyond the basic nutritional function of supplying nutrients.

What are Kickbutt Amped Energy Ballz™?
A true functional food for instant energy. Kickbutt amped energy ballz are formulated with the ideal blend of ingredients needed to deliver instant and sustained energy: high quality whey protein isolates, complex carbohydrates, easily absorbed vitamins, minerals, herbs, dietary fibre, and caffeine. They are low in fat, transfat free, and free of peanut ingredients. AND, there are only 38 calories per ball.

Kickbutt amped energy ballz are deliciously coated for convenience, protection and taste, and are available in handy easy-to-carry packages.

CountryUnited States  United States | America
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Total Investment Required:
$13,000 - $70,000.
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etc.A crossover energy product that incorporates the best of an energy drink with the best of an energy bar.

Kickbutt amped energy ballz – special features:

- Only 38 calories per ball
- High quality whey protein isolate
- Low in fat
- Trans fat free
- Vitamin, mineral and herb enriched
- Great taste profile
- Long shelf life
- No crashing, jitters or heart palpitations
- 40 mg caffeine per ball (less than half a cup of coffee)
- Peanut free

deal for sales in the:
- Energy drink market
- Energy bar market
- Sports nutrition market
ContactFun Energy Vending
Address101-132 Industrial Court
Penticton, B.C. V2A 7N9
Tel.250-490-9936, 1-877-469-2259
Information as  14 December 2018 
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