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The Gumball Factory
Owning your own vending machine business that brings smiles and laughter to young & old alike, while adding to your income with every new giggle!
To be the number 1 vending business opportunity in the world by having quality equipment, expert knowledge and high integrity and to support our customers in developing a world class vending business to any level of income they choose to help them achieve financial independence and to stay on top of the market by making available to our customers new and technically advanced machines.
With "The Gumball Factory” and our other interactive machines like the Extreme Sport Blaster and the Shoot & Score, you just place your machines using the services of a professional locator, or do it yourself and receive a discount off the price - It's simple, and best of all, we'll tell you how!

From this point, you just fill your machines and collect the cash.... what could be easier?

We ship the product right to your door and you receive ongoing toll- free support to help you build your business to whatever level of income you choose.
We sell business related equipment only, (1 year equipment warranty) and we will not interfere with your business operation in any way. However, you will have all the support of a franchise to help you grow and develop your business. We are here to help you as long as you own your machines.
The amount of money you choose to pay a mall, or any location for that matter is negotiable. Keith Black pays the mall a percentage of his monthly gross. Bob Burton, an attorney prefers to pay the mall a flat monthly fee of $250. Remember, you are paying about 1.7 to 2.0 cents for a gumball. You are charging 25 cents. Your mark-up is over 1,000 percent! A fair commission to pay a mall for a machine making about $1,000 a month would be $300. If it makes $600 a month - don't pay more than $120 in commission.

Total Investment Required:
$4,000 – $35,000.))
The income will depend on the location and can vary quite a bit. The average seems to be approx. $350-$450 per month (this is based on a 25 cent vend, if you vend for 50 cents this would be higher). To look at it another way, the average number of vends is approx. 1500 per month so if you were to vend for 50 cents, your income would be $750 per month or 750 euros or 750 pounds. Compare this to the small gumhead machines that produce $10 - $20 per month. You would need to have over 20 little machines to do what one Gumball Factory machine can do on average in a month. Wouldn't you prefer to visit one site instead of 20 for the same income? You can even vend bouncy balls or toy capsules designed for a dollar vend. Only 20 vends per day will generate $600 per month. Think about your favourite family restaurant. How many kids would you say visit that restaurant on an average day? How many would use your machine?
ContactThe Gumball Factory
101.132 Industrial Court
Penticton, B.C. Canada
V2A 7N9
Mobile250.490.9936 , 001-250-490-9936, Toll Free: 1.877.469.2259, EUROPE and other countries 001-250-490-9
Information as 28 มกราคม 2021 
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