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EX Freshies
EX Freshies is a nu skool café, a place to drop in and fuel up on fresh food with full-on flavours any time of day.
Type of business
Restaurant Franchise | Quiz online
NameEX Freshies
HistoryIt’s a speedy-service café for people who want a healthier alternative to pre-packed junk food and bland corporate multinational food chains, brought to you by the founders of the Extreme Sports Channel. EX was voted alongside the Olympic Rings and Manchester United as one of the Top 8 Sports Brands in the world (Sports Business International).
& Services
Ex Freshies is a funky, killer alternative to all those boring corporate cafes out there. Our vision is to deliver a place to hang out which takes you to the snow covered mountains and surf breaks around the world all delivered with a unique chilled out attitude. We refuse to serve any junk and strive to provide a healthy signature of ‘fresh food and full on moves’ that’s different from all the other places out there. Ex Freshies delivers great fast fresh food and is perfect for anyone who loves the mountains and the beach.

All the food is healthy, from freshly pressed juices and smoothies to salads, wraps, gourmet grills, open sandwiches (on healthy bread), tramazzinis (filled pitas) and crepes. It's all about being nutritious and delicious with everything prepared to ensure freshness, crispness and MAX nutritional value. Food is all made to order – deli style. The full range of our award winning Extreme Drinks are also available, including the new great tasting Aqua vitamins range, all with no artificial anything!
CountryUnited Kingdom  United Kingdom | Europe
Abroad3 Branches
Sum Branch3 Branch
Business type
Liquid Capital Required:
£25,000 / €35,000.

Total Investment Required:
£300,000 / €420,000.

Opportunities available throughout UK, Ireland and Worldwide.

Master License opportunities available Worldwide.
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& Support
An Ex Freshies Café includes a shop element selling Ex Freshies merchandise, designed and manufactured by Extreme for the franchise. Customers want to feel part of the Ex Freshies brand.
etc.EX Freshies is a unique brand experience inspired by youth culture and extreme sports. It’s a complete contrast to all other fast food and coffee house joints out there today. The innovative concept mixes it up with the EX Freshies signature – ‘Full-on Flavours with Far-Out Moves’, and aims to attract everyone who aspires to an active and healthy lifestyle.
ContactAl Gosling
Address245 Old Marylebone Road,
London, NW1 5QT, ENGLAND
Tel.+44 (0) 20 7244 1000
Fax.+44 (0) 20 7723 1993
Information as  2 December 2018 
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