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Candy Bouquet International, Inc.
A Candy Bouquet small business franchise combines fun and profit with a minimum investment and no royalty fees!
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Flowers Delivery Franchise
NameCandy Bouquet International, Inc.
HistoryFrom it's small beginnings in the garage of Margaret McEntire, to one of the fastest growing franchise opportunities of today, Candy Bouquet International, Inc. currently has over 815 stores in all 50 states and 31 countries. All of this in just 10 years, and according to our Dun & Bradstreet Rating, our growth pattern appears to be strong and steady.

The foundation for this successful operation was laid back in 1989. Margaret McEntire and a partner opened the first Candy Bouquet store in Houston, Texas. However, after just one year they were forced to close the store due to unforeseen circumstances and Margaret was faced with quitting or starting over.

With her life savings on the line and determined to succeed, she opened a tiny, 90 square-foot shop in Little Rock, Arkansas. Her family helped to make the arrangements and in keeping with the McEntire philosophy, Margaret started giving away bouquets in high traffic places like banks and popular restaurants. This marketing strategy worked and soon people started calling, some placing orders and others wanting to learn the secrets on how to make these unique bouquets. Candy Bouquet as a franchise was on its way.

Today, the typical Candy Bouquet store is a full-scale chocolate and candy retail operation, although some operate successfully as home-based franchise businesses. Some franchisees operate exclusively as Candy Bouquet; others run this franchise in conjunction with a floral shop or other retail outlet.

Some things never change, and that's why Margaret McEntire believes a franchise company built on integrity, honesty and fairness that markets a creative, high-quality product will be a successful one.

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Candy Bouquet is taking the world by storm! Our franchisees succeed because they have the power to determine their own individual territory and whether they will be store front or home based franchise. Our franchise fees are low with no royalty fees. A Candy Bouquet retail store is a combination candy/gift and Candy Bouquet store all in one, thus drawing all different types of traffic to your business! Candy Bouquet franchises can be incorporated with other products to create a business as unique as the person who owns it.

Candy Bouquet arrangements are delicious gift alternatives to flowers and are perfect for special occasions or corporate gifts. Our franchisees attend extensive training sessions to learn the techniques on making the Original and Authentic Candy Bouquets using the finest in candies and accessories. Candy Bouquets can also be customized into one-of-a-kind gifts that won't wilt, fade or die.
CountryUnited States  United States | America
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Fill out the Request for Consideration online or print and mail it in with your $15 application fee. The application form also includes a place to sign and authorize us to charge the $15 (refundable) fee to your credit card, if you wish. Please include the name of the card, account number and expiration date. Please note, you may also request this in digital format sent via email at no charge.

You will be notified if you are approved for a franchise. A Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC) will be sent to you. Your Franchise Agreement is included in the UFOC. A representative will call you to inform you that the document is on its way. Upon receiving this UFOC, please date and sign the receipt and mail or fax it back to us.

There is a 10-14 day waiting period before you can purchase your franchise. The waiting period begins the day after you sign and date your receipt. You should read your UFOC carefully. We suggest that you have an attorney, CPA, or other business advisor examine the UFOC. You may want to call your Candy Bouquet Franchise Representative to have your questions answered.

Upon your decision to buy the franchise, you must determine the territory you will be purchasing. After your territory has been determined, you will be sent an execution copy of the agreement (all material blanks filled). You will need to review this copy for 5 business days before being able to execute the agreement. Once your territory has been set and your 5 day waiting period has been met, you will need to send CBI a one-fourth, non-refundable deposit of your franchise fee to reserve your territory (example: If your territory is $10,000, you will send a $2,500 deposit). This must be in the form of a cashiers check, credit card of good standing, wire transfer or money order. Your Candy Bouquet Franchise Representative will assist with signing the Franchise Agreement. You also need a local zip code map attached, for your protection and for reference.

Upon receipt of your non-refundable deposit and signed Franchise Agreement, we will contact you and mutually set up your training week. At this time we will send you a training package containing more training information. With early notification, fully furnished condominiums above our corporate training center are available for rent. The information will also include what you should wear, times you need to be at corporate headquarters, etc.

Before arriving for your training, make sure that you set up an appointment with your Candy Bouquet Franchise Representative to conclude the signing of your contract.

Your Representative will assist you with a convenient time. This is when you remit the remainder of your franchise fee (3/4 of your franchise fee) in the form of a cashiers check made payable to Candy Bouquet International, Inc. You must also purchase your starting inventory package estimated at $3,500. If your starter pack is shipped, you will be billed separately for your shipping cost. Training begins promptly on Monday morning and the fun begins! We strongly encourage each new franchisee to meet with a local representative from the SCORE, SBDC, or SBA prior to coming to Candy Bouquet training. You will spend 5 days in Little Rock , Arkansas at our corporate headquarters. You will be introduced to all of our staff, learn about our trade secrets and tour our International Distribution Center . You will attend computer training for our web and VIP site by one of our Computer Technologists, business training, quality control training and much more. You will receive additional marketing training and an Advertising and Marketing manual. The week is fun, interesting and full of information, so please be rested and ready! We have a training manual with more than 650 pages to assist you in starting your own business.
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& Support
ContactCandy Bouquet International, Inc. Headquarters
Address423 East 3rd Street
Little Rock, AR 72201
Tel.(501) 375-9990, Toll Free: (877) 226-3901
Fax.(501) 375-9998
Information as  2 December 2018 
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