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Wacky Fun Factory Vending
You can be your own boss, set your own hours and make an outstanding income at the same time with Wacky Fun Factory's candy vending machines. Take the Wowie Zowie, a gumball machine that's so much more. Billed as:
To be the largest and most profitable vending business opportunity in the world. Having quality equipment, expert knowledge, and high integrity. Help our clients develop a world class vending business to any level of income they choose. To be an outlet for our employees to develop their own business to financial independence. To stay on top of the market by developing new technically advanced machines. To expand world wide.
"entertainment vending at its best," the machine features attention grabbing graphics, music and an action packed kinetic gumball show. Our kinetic gum or candy machines feature a customizable sound chip, live action, music and much more. The Wowie Zowie Gum Machine is the best in the industry!
1. Why the Sports Blaster or the Wowie Zowie?
Eye appeal and reliability. Both are made out of the finest materials. They promotes repetitive play. More income with less machines, which equals less time and more money for the amount invested.

2. How do I find locations?
You can choose to locate the machines yourself or hire a locator. We have locating brochures available to our customers which help with locating. A list of suggested business types and a telephone script are available for your use. Or, for a nominal fee, a professional locator will assist you in finding profitable locations. It is best to give him/her addresses and phone numbers to work with.

3. How much time is required to service a location?
Approximately 10 minutes to clean the machine and refill the candy. Servicing is very simple.

4. Is vending considered a small business?
Yes. It has all the advantages of any small business:
(a) you can deduct car or van expenses used in business;
(b) some expenses for your home can be deducted; and
(c) retirement plan contributions to a defined plan.

5. What is the competition?
Normally you aren't competing with other same-name brand products. Wacky Fun Factory vending machines are unique and have high visibility that most machines don't have, therefore, attracting customers to your machines.

6. Who owns vending machines?
65 percent are owned by small investors with an average of 197 machines each.

7. Will I need employees?
Probably not. Vending is an ideal family business. 100 machines can be serviced in one or two weekends per month. Your vending machine is on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and never gets tired.

8. Where do I buy candy?
We will supply you names, addresses, and phone numbers of suppliers for your candy.

9. Will I receive proper support after my purchase?
Yes, we have a support center to help you with any questions or needs that you might have, and we help with your expansion program. Just call!

10. How soon after my purchase can I start earning money?
You can expect to start earning money within four or less weeks after your purchase.

11. How can I get started?
By calling our Wacky Fun Factory company representative. They can walk you through the few simple steps of starting your vending business. They will line you up with professional locators, candy suppliers, bookkeeping systems, suggested settings, locations for your candy machines, and other professional advice.

- Small Capital Investment
- Our Expertise Provided - Your success means our success! Average Time Spent Per Week - 5 hours!
- Low Risk - You can build your business part-time without having to quit your current job.
Out of sheer and adults will line up around the Wacky Fun Factory waiting to put in their money. It's the attention grabbing graphics, music and fascinating design of the machine that attracts the crowd. The money drops, the handle turns, a train whistle blows and suddenly the crowd is treated to a kinetic entertainment show that transforms a little piece of candy into a spellbinding acrobatic missile.
ContactWacky Fun Factory
A Division of US Vend Technologies, LLC
1460 Commerce Way
Idaho Falls, ID 83403 USA
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