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Blendz Quick Service Restaurant
Blendz is a quick-service restaurant where great-tasting, healthier food meets the speed and convenience of traditional fast food; and our menu is only part of the experience!
25,000 THB (Thailand)
“A desire is how it all started. A desire for a better, healthier place to eat that was also as quick and as convenient as traditional fast food. That was our desire, and what inspired us to create Blendz in early 2003.

Having run multiple businesses in the past, we pride ourselves on being able to look at and evaluate our business through the eyes of our customer. So that’s exactly how we created Blendz; imagined and designed by true consumers!

Having strong corporate and marketing agency backgrounds, we know how precious time is. We wanted to create a place where customers could get a great-tasting, healthier meal, have it prepared for them, and have the freedom to continue on with their active day.

We opened the first Blendz in Campbell, CA in early July 2003. The strong interest was immediate, so throughout the next two years, four more Blendz locations were opened in the Silicon Valley area of CA including the first of its kind restaurant inside a flagship BMW auto dealership.

Blendz is a quick-service restaurant where great-tasting, healthier food meets the speed and convenience of traditional fast food; and our menu is only part of the experience! Specializing in fresh and creative tossed-to-order salads, mouth-watering grilled panini sandwiches, blended smoothies, freshly squeezed juices, gourmet soups and even espresso and coffee drinks.
A Blendz Franchise can be purchased for $25,000 with an average total investment ranging from $245,350 - $374,850. Actual costs may vary depending on store size, construction costs, location, local requirement and other variables.

Ongoing Fees paid to Blendz
Franchise Royalty Fee - 6%
Marketing Fund Fee - 1%

All franchisees agree to contribute at least 3% of their sales towards local advertising.

The above costs are estimated only and actual costs will depend on size, construction costs, location, local requirements and variances. A complete list of costs, fees, obligations and terms is available in our UFOC document.
The ideal Blendz Franchise Partner has to have passion in everything they do! Enjoying your day and everything that goes into it is important to us, so we’ve created a menu and atmosphere that is not only fun for our customers to be and eat at, but also fun for our crew members to be a part of.

Other attributes that will make you successful with us are:

Sales and marketing experience
  • A strong desire to succeed and make a difference in your community
  • An outgoing and dynamic personality with a love of people including your customers and crew
  • No restaurant experience necessary. With no kitchen or cooking required; you get to focus on the people side of the business.
There are numerous advantages when buying into a franchise system. One of them is that you instantly have a team of experienced professionals in your corner so you are not alone in building your business.
  • We provide site selection assistance with over 25 years of commercial real estate experience to help you find that perfect spot for your Blendz location(s).
  • We provide complete restaurant design and floor plan drawings and help you obtain all the necessary Health permits.
  • We prepare you to own and operate your business through a combination of home study, classroom and hands on training.
  • And we provide a complete Operations Manual and online resources for you to refer back to as you build your business.
  • We are your partners in preparation of all marketing materials and promotional campaigns
Our goal is to make owning a Blendz Franchise just as satisfying as eating at one.
  • FUN...for you and your customers
  • FRESH... concept, menu options and a refreshing change from traditional fast food
  • FOOD... better tasting and better for you
ContactBlendz Corporate Office
c/o Customer Success 267 E Campbell Avenue, Ste. 200 Campbell, CA 95008 866-4-BLENDZ
Information as 8 October 2020 
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