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Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees & Smoothies
Maui Wowi’s first franchise was awarded in 1997, and we have more than 300 franchises awarded today and more than 400 operating units.
27,500 THB (Thailand)
Maui Wowi Hawaiian is as close as you can get to going to Hawaii without hopping on a plane. It is a cool gathering place where you'll find great Hawaiian coffees, all-natural smoothies and lots of island attitude.

It's the kind of place you would have stumbled upon on the North Shore during the sixties. Inspired by the original long board surf crowd, it's laid back and relaxed. Cool without trying to be.

It's a mini vacation from all things mundane - and all things corporate. We have built a franchise organization focused on the Hawaiian tradition of family called 'Ohana. And that's how every single one of us treats every single person who comes into Maui Wowi Hawaiian.

While there are lots of coffee and smoothie shops around the country, there is nothing like Maui Wowi Hawaiian. No one has our exclusive line of Hawaiian blend coffee, Kona espresso drinks or our signature Fresh Fruit Smoothies. And no one has our 'Aloha Spirit'.

  • Exclusive all-natural, fat-free fresh fruit smoothies
  • Proprietary blend of Hawaiian Coffees
  • Authentic Hawaiian product that includes 100% Kona Coffee, other coffee blends, macadamia nuts, various snacks
400 Branches
Sum Branch400 Branch
Minimum Net Worth: $250K
Cash Investment: $50K+
Total Investment: $75-300K
Average Total Investment: $185K

Initial Franchise Fee: $29.5-59.5K
Average Franchise Fee: $44K
On-Going Royalty: 0%
Average Royalty: 0%
Advertising Fee: 12%

Maui Wowi offers the following initial franchise fees:
$27,500 – Single Unit Franchise – own/operate within one fixed retail location
$34,500 - Standard Unit Franchise – own/operate up to three units (combination of retail/mobile units)
$59,500 - Empire Builder Franchise – own/operate up to 10 units (combination of retail/mobile units)
In the United States, including the initial franchise fee, total investment costs range from $75,000 - $550,000. These numbers, of course, depend on many factors, such as the business model you select, the size of your business and its location.
Our tremendous success is due to granting franchises to the right people most likely to succeed in following the Maui Wowi Hawaiian system. To ensure this is the right franchise for you, we have developed an Education Process so you can fully understand and evaluate Maui Wowi Hawaiian prior to becoming a franchise owner. The best news is there is no obligation and it is absolutely free.

The first step is to complete our Franchise Application. We use this questionnaire to learn more about your experience and goals as it will relate to you building your Maui Wowi Hawaiian business.
ContactMaui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees And Smoothies
38th Street Centre
3722 E. Indian School Road
Phoenix, AZ 85018
Mobile303-781-7800 ext 102.
Information as 19 November 2020 
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