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Quiznos® Sub
(Quiznos® Sub)
There’s a free-spirited independence about everything Quiznos does. From our quirky advertising to the bold, cutting edge recipes our chefs create, we zig, when others zag. And we appreciate your taste and desire for the distinctive food that is as unique as you!
25,000 THB (Thailand)
Quiznos 25 years of success and large numbers of loyal repeat customers can be attributed in large part to good food. "This is the best sandwich I ever ate!" are unsolicited words heard frequently in Quiznos restaurants. The first Quiznos Sub restaurant opened at 13th and Grant in Denver's Capitol Hill neighborhood in 1981. Rick Schaden overheard that unsolicited comment from a customer at a Quiznos Classic Subs just before he bought his first franchise in Boulder, Colorado in 1987. Over the next few years, he purchased two more franchises. In 1991, he and his father, prominent aviation attorney Dick Schaden of Boulder, bought the franchise operation, which consisted of 18 restaurants. Today, with seasoned management, professional franchise support systems and strong financial resources, Quiznos is taking this "good food" success story throughout the U.S. and across the globe.
Quiznos delivers uncompromising quality for today's busy consumers who are looking for a tasty, fresher alternative to traditional fast food restaurants. Using premium quality ingredients, Quiznos offers better-tasting food through creative, chef-inspired recipes to give you an experience that’s truly a “cut above” all the others.
Required Net Worth: US $125K minimum
Franchise Fee: US $25,000
Units: 5,000+ worldwide
Your Master Franchise comes with a model to build your infrastructure. We provide training in all five disciplines of franchising, this includes:
Development • Design and Construction
Quality Assurance • Restaurants Operations
ContactQuiznos Corporate Office
1475 Lawrence Street, Suite 400 Denver, Colorado 80202
Information as 15 May 2019 
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