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Manhattan Bagel
Manhattan, the city, has always been the great crossroads of the world. A city where many paths converge to make its experience unique, while at the same time creating an aura that is broadly appealing. That is also the essence of our story.
25,000 THB (Thailand)
We offer spectacular taste choices all day long; sandwiches on choice of freshly baked rolls, pesto focaccia bread, wraps and of course a wide variety of bagels. Salads and soups round out our lunch offerings while our generously portioned classic breakfast sandwiches (served all day) accompanied by one of our plain or flavored coffee choices, make you feel right at home. At Manhattan, you're sure to find something to suit your search for that special craving.
  • Continuing Royalty and Cooperative Advertising Contribution
  • Royalty: Franchisee pays to Manhattan Bagel Company, Inc. a Royalty equal to Five Percent (5%) of Franchisee's Gross Sales.
  • Advertising Contribution: Franchisee is required to make an Advertising Contribution of up to 5% of Gross Sales. The amount and mix of the contributions (local, market, national) is at the discretion of the franchisor )
A Manhattan Bagel Franchisee can rely on a support system designed to produce positive results. Our training program ensures that all facets of food safety, product preparation, baking, customer service and other key components to your restaurant operations are covered and fully demonstrated. Our Operations Training Manual provides you with the knowledge that will help you operate your Manhattan Bagel restaurant efficiently.

The Manhattan Bagel marketing & advertising programs are excellent. Our Marketing Team will teach you how to implement programs for grand opening, community relations and local store marketing. They continually work to formulate strategies to heighten Manhattan Bagel brand awareness through promotional materials and other media.

- Use of the Manhattan Bagel® Name, Marks and Systems
- Site Selection & Lease Negotiation Assistance
- Quality Proprietary Products
- Equipment, Design & Planning Specifications
- Comprehensive Training Program at Bagel University
- Marketing & Grand Opening Support at your Store
- Ongoing Field Operations Support, Training Manuals and Updates
Manhattan Bagel® is currently seeking franchisees with the ability to open and operate up to 3 units. Once your eligibility has been determined by the Manhattan Bagel Franchise Team, you are on the path to being granted a Manhattan Bagel franchise. Manhattan Bagel will be there to assist you from site selection to your grand opening.

During construction of your franchise unit, you and your managers will undergo extensive training at Bagel University - a fully equipped training store and classroom facility.

The program combines classroom instruction with practical "hands on" applications. You will graduate with valuable knowledge and experience obtained from the Manhattan Bagel team of skilled instructors. This will be followed by on site assistance at the time of your store opening.
ContactManhattan Bagel
125 S 18th St Philadelphia, PA 19103
Mobile(610) 668-0400
Information as 9 October 2020 
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