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Arizona Pizza
Arizona Pizza Is Now Expanding In All Major U. S. Markets. There are Franchise Opportunities for the Entrepreneur Looking for Exclusive Rights to Develop an Area and the Franchisee Interested in Opening a Single Unit.
35,000 USD (U.S. Dollar)
Bill Stevens, founder of Arizona Pizza Company, has over 25 years experience in the restaurant industry. In 1996, he opened a pizza and pasta restaurant concept in Massachusetts. The casual dining atmosphere was enhanced by the wood-burning pizza oven, the Southwestern theme, signature pizza and pasta dishes, and cable television sets strategically placed throughout the restaurant. Further adding to the ambiance was the full service, intimate marble bar that became a favorite destination for dining and socializing with friends and families. The final element that captured the true spirit of the concept was the introduction of Kokopelli, the fun-loving flute player character.

The success of the first restaurant eventually lead to the development of the Arizona Pizza system in 2001, when Bill’s third restaurant featuring the same theme and much of the same menu, but with greater emphasis on efficiency and economy, opened in Lenox, Massachusetts. This restaurant was the fusion of the earlier restaurants and became his most successful venture. The Lenox restaurant became the impetus for the creation of a franchise program, and in 2003 the first franchise was sold.
Today, Arizona Pizza restaurants have evolved even further. The new prototype features many of the same elements that made it such a success story.......the ever-popular wood-burning pizza oven, the same high quality, oversized menu items, and a commitment to excellent customer service. Of course, there’s still Kokopelli, who has become a favorite character of old and young alike. However, the decor has been updated, new menu items have been added, and there are several prototype building designs that range in size from 2500-4700 sq. feet. Arizona Pizza restaurants are now located in major metropolitan markets as well as neighborhood communities and we are only entering the initial stage of our national expansion program.
7 Branches
Sum Branch7 Branch

1. 2500 - 3250 Sq. Ft. Building - Start up costs range from $400,000 - $650,0000
2. 3750 - 4750 Sq. Ft. Building - Start up costs range from $490,000 - $865,000
* * The above ranges do not cover the cost of land.
3. Financial Qualifications:

Cash Investment: $100,000 Liquid Capital
Total Investment: $400,000 to $895,000 (excluding real estate)
Average Total Investment: $550,000
Minimum Net Worth: $500,000

Franchisee opens a restaurant at a specific address
Franchisee is able to open additional units based on franchisee’s ability and desire to expand

Secures exclusive rights to a market. Minimum development is five restaurants
Opens and operates the units in the development area
Receives a reduction in franchise fees (based upon number of restaurants opened)
Pays an area development fee based on the demographics of the territory. However, a credit is given against the franchise fee as each restaurant opens

Secures exclusive rights to a geographic area (County, state, country). There are minimum requirements for the territory (not less than a twenty-store market).
Shares in franchise and royalty fees for performing services (sales, operations, training) to franchisees in the market for the term of the franchise & renewal periods

Our buildings range in size from approximately 3,000 to 4500 sq. ft. Location criteria include free standing buildings, in-line retail centers, shopping center pads and conversions of other buildings in high traffic residential and commercial areas.
All franchisees and their management must attend training classes and become certified at a designated training facility. Arizona Pizza trainers assist you before, during and immediately after you open your restaurant. Periodic consultation is conducted throughout the term of the franchise.
ContactArizona Pizza
Glendale, Arizona 8110 W Union Hills Dr.
Mobile(623) 566-8123
Information as 8 May 2020 
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