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Milio’s Sandwiches
We’re Hot! It might be cold-cuts, but our industry is hot. Sandwiches are the fastest growing category, with sales of quick serve restaurants specializing in sandwiches reaching over $10 billion. The average American eats 193 sandwiches per year and visits a franchise sandwich store an average of 2.5 times per week.
50,000 THB (Thailand)
When we opened our first store in 1989, we set out to do a few things differently.

Food quality is different. Our bread is baked fresh, in the store, all day long – and after only 4 hours, it goes in the “day old” bin. Our vegetables don’t arrive at the store pre-shredded and vacuum packed; they’re delivered fresh and whole. Cheeses aren’t pre-sliced. Our meats aren’t low-grade, pre-sliced leftovers; they’re premium selects. Nothing is prepackaged or microwaved, no zap-it and wrap-it here! Freshness and quality are never compromised at Milio’s Sandwiches.

Convenience is different. We’ve built an awesome on-line ordering system that gets more popular every day, giving customers an easy alternative to phone ordering and visiting the store. And to top it all off—WE DELIVER!

Our attitude is different. At Milio’s, we believe in our people and we support the communities where we live. So in every city and town where there is a Milio’s, we serve more than sandwiches and wraps and pickles and chips and cookies and soft drinks. We serve up a commitment to making our community better.

With over 40 store locations in the Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska areas, Milio’s Sandwiches is the largest locally owned fast food chain in the region. With down home Midwestern values and the creation of a unique and delicious sub sandwich every time…every day at Milio’s Sandwiches is a good day!

the bread used to make your sub is fresh.
40 Branches
Sum Branch40 Branch
Franchise entry costs are comparatively low, just $50,000 in cash as long as you have a net worth of $250,000.

But then what? Another advantage of owning a Milio's franchise is that you don’t need big, cumbersome, expensive equipment. It’s easy to get started, and we’ll show you exactly what you do need and where to go for the best value. With our preferred vendor partnerships, we’ll also show you where to get the high quality ingredients that really make the difference.
Milio’s Delivers.
Sure we’re just about the only sandwich place around that will get in the car to deliver even one sub to your home or office, but when we say Milio’s delivers, it means more.

Milio’s Delivers… Super Subs.
We have so many “Best of This…” and “Best of That...” awards in our office, we had to build a new headquarters just for more wall space. Simply the BEST BREAD, the freshest veggies and REAL meat (not processed—ick!)

Milio’s Delivers…Customer Satisfaction.
Hey, we know our customers have thousands of restaurant choices available to them; Milio’s has a rigorous standard to be delivered (get it?) every day to every customer. We want you back and we try to earn our customers’ business over and over, every time they bite into a delicious Milio’s Sandwich.

Milio’s Delivers… in the Community.
We really believe in being a good corporate citizen. And we put our money where your mouth is. From donating miles of subs in the communities where we work and live, to providing a fun environment for our employees we try to give a little bit every day.

In today’s fast-growing restaurant business, sandwiches are one of the hottest menu items. In fact, sandwich shops represent 28.1% of all foodservice sales.
Milio’s™ could be the rewarding opportunity you’ve been looking for.
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Office/Mailing Address: 5585 Guilford Road Madison, Wisconsin 53711
Information as 27 December 2018 
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